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If you`re in need of some specific health and fitness advice or need some added motivation, at Southwark Fitness4Less we offer a talented team of Personal Trainers to help. Each individual has their own area of interest and specialist-training techniques which you can view below:

Anaita Sharifi

I believe in working towards a happy-self and a feel-good-feeling throughfun and challenging workouts - from which results will show. I want you to...

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Benjamin Green

Boxing training is one of the most demanding whole-body workouts, increased muscle-tone, lowered body-fat, improved reflexes and aerobic fitness are...

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David Aremu

My focus is to transform your body and adjust your mindset to align with the new person you want to be. We will work together to set and surpass your...

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David Puckridge

I’m passionate about the benefits fitness can have on your physical and mental well-being. I understand only too well the barriers to exercise and...

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Doloran Hoxha Senior Personal Trainer

I specialise in increasing your strength, helping you live longer and look great, and getting the body results you need.You'll achieve what you...

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George McKenzie

Most of what we are shown in the media is a final product; an instagram picture or an athlete in competition, but what we are missing is just how...

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Harry Graham

I specialise in surpassing your goals, whether they are: Weight loss, Mass Gain, Muscle Toning, Sports conditioning and Weight management.Focusing on...

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Lucie Ireland Pavlicova

I've been in the fitness industry for the last 14 years and have worked with hundreds of clients in helping them to reach their various fitness...

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Marcelo Personal trainer, nutrition and weight management specialist

Marcelo is a Body Composition Specialist /Nutritional Specialist / Personal Trainer I am aware the changing habits can be a big challenge, I will l...

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Sagi Burton Senior Personal Trainer

My sessions incorporate hard work, motivation and fun. I am passionate about reaching your goal, I will teach you the correct technique of each...

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