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Coronavirus and using the Gym

The gym will be fully operational and compliant with government regulations. In addition, every one of our locations will be adhering to our own, strict 8 Key Commitments for COVID-safety. https://www.fitness4less.co.uk/stay-safe-and-stay-fit/

These include:
  • Real-time usage stats on our App so you can carefully plan your visit.
  • Contactless entry using near field technology within our App - with your smartphone you will not need to touch the turnstiles.
  • Safe distancing between the gym kit and other members - through the use of floor markings and spacing/moving equipment.
  • Daily classes will be delivered online only as group fitness classes are not permitted in the studio until the nation can move to the next step out of lockdown. The Government will use 4 key tests to ensure it is safe to progress further with lockdown easing.
  • Cleaning schedules have increased for gym staff, we have reviewed all cleaning materials and disinfectant usage to ensure we have the maximum coverage whilst keeping our members safe.
  • Regular fogging the whole facility with Mirius Antiviral disinfectant which effectively kills COVID19 virus in under 5 minutes. This fragrance-free formula is safe for human contact and will kill 99.99% of germs and viruses.
  • A new specific member code of conduct so that we all know our part to play in keeping the environment respectful, friendly, and safe.
  • Time and Space hours at each gym are time identified for being less busy, so that everyone, even the more vulnerable customers can choose a time to improve their fitness that feels comfortable and secure.
  • Adaptation to Changing Areas - ideally, it would be best if you arrived at the gym in your workout kit and shower and get changed at home, however, we know this is not possible for everyone. So changing rooms will be open with some adaptations - certain lockers, showers, and stalls will be taken out of action to allow for social distancing.
We have introduced near field technology to our clubs; members can now tap in via the App for entry. Those members who do not have a smartphone or who do not wish to bring a phone on their workout can still use their fingerprint for admission, where sanitiser will be available for before and after use. If you have any difficulty accessing, then please speak with reception who can manually record your attendance. For Track and Trace purposes, we must know who is in the gym at all times. 
Gyms will operate with their regular opening hours which can be found on our google listings or on our website - go to your home gym location page and across the top you will find tabs marked OVERVIEW / PRICES / CLASSES / GALLERY / CONTACT - where you will find your clubs opening hours.  
Members can continue to enter using their fingerprint, where sanitiser will be available before and after use. If you have any difficulty accessing, then please speak with reception who can manually record your attendance. For Track and Trace purposes, we must know who is in the gym at all times.
Each gym`s capacity is worked out on an individual basis and is based upon the UK Active and Governments recommendations. This guidance allows at least 100sq ft per user at any one time.
We have agreed on a new Member Code of Conduct. This will be on posters around the gym and has been added to our website.- It will insist that members act with consideration and respect for each other. We want our gyms to be safe, supportive and happy places, so not adhering to the new member code will be taken very seriously.  Our staff have been trained in this area and will be very vigilant. Any member breaking our membership code of conduct will be politely asked to cease that activity, or they will be excluded from using our premises.
Download our App to view real time gym usage, historical usage patterns and predicted usage to guage when to make your visit and we feel confident that you will be able to access the gym.  We anticipate that members will return on a gradual basis and so we do not intend to implement a booking system if we do not need to have one. However, we have had an APP-based booking system written while the gyms were closed, which is ready to be implemented should we need to at peak time or if usage requires it. If gyms are experiencing pinch points in their day and our current planned system is proved not to be effective, we will introduce booking slots to alleviate any inconvenience to customers.
Our teams have stepped up the cleaning schedules, and there will be additional cleaning routines throughout the day. The club will be fogged with Mirius Antiviral disinfectant which effectively kills Covid 19 virus in under 5 minutes. This fragrance-free formula is safe for human contact and will kill 99.99% of germs and viruses. Please do your bit by regularly using the hand Sanitiser Stations, adhering to the new cleaning protocols for cleaning down the kit before and after use. We supply the sprays and paper towels you will need.  

UK Active, the advisory group for gym operators, have advised that towels and or ’sweat towels’ should not be taken onto the gym floor/into the studio or spin studios due to the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, therefore we ask our members to use the paper towels and anti-viral spray provided.
Please follow the link to the Risk Assessment Fitness4Less have put in place to identify hazards and the appropriate control measures in place to reduce risk Click Here to Download
Our online classes are broadcast live on Instagram. All our live Instagram workouts and all NEW guided meditation sessions are saved to IGTV so you can go back and enjoy them in your own time - you don’t have to follow them live. On our IGTV we also have all our live workouts saved from previous lockdowns!

To see how to gain access to our live classes please click here to follow our step-by-step guide - https://www.fitness4less.co.uk/blog/13860052/ Every Sunday we release our online classes timetable on our Instagram feed for the upcoming week and you can also see our most recent online timetable here - https://www.fitness4less.co.uk/blog/13860063/
All our virtual classes are broadcast on Instagram Live and saved to IGTV for you to enjoy in your own time. At the moment, this is the most reliable platform for us to use and we urge any members wishing to take part in the live classes to set up a basic account just for this purpose. To do this, simply download the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet through Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Then, open the App and follow the instructions to get started - it’s free!

Once you’ve set up an account, search for @fitness4lessuk in the Instagram App and give us a follow. Every Sunday we release our online classes timetable on our Instagram feed for the upcoming week and you can also see our most recent online timetable here - https://www.fitness4less.co.uk/blog/13860063/
As a small independent gym operator, we have needed our members support and goodwill throughout the very toughest of trading conditions and throughout some lengthy periods of closure during 2020/21. Where economically possible we are rewarding your loyalty in the following ways:

Lockdown 1 (March) Loyalty:
We wrote to all members on the 21st March 2020 advising of club closure; we requested at this stage that members made one further month payment to support the viability of the business, following this memberships would then be frozen for the duration of club closure.

In return for the supporting payment from those members who still have active memberships with us, they will receive loyalty rewards of:

- Over £100 of free guest passes to use once we open
- Price freeze for 5 years
- Referral code for £5 discount off of membership for you and a friend

Lockdown 2 & 3 (November & January) Loyalty:
Membership payments were not automatically frozen during the November and January closures and we encouraged members to choose to stay with us and support the business for its long-term future. In return, we commit to you that we will repay your generosity through a credit system. This credit will be made available to you in the future and after we have rebuilt our business and recovered some of our losses. At present we anticipate this to be in early 2022. However, members in this group have been especially flagged and we will be in touch with details of rewards as and when we can deliver them.

Note: If you have since cancelled the membership on which the fee for November or January was paid, these benefits will, unfortunately, no longer be available.

We are 100% committed to giving back to those who supported us with a range of benefits and rewards and we guarantee we will not forget or postpone this unduly and we will be in touch when we are ready to initiate the rollout.

Please remember, memberships have been automatically frozen from 1st February 2021 until we are able to re-open.
We are keen to support you and assist with any issues, our membership team is ready to help, please email us at membership@fitness4less.co.uk with your specific questions or concerns and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Before you join

You are welcome to come and have a look round any of our clubs, no appointment is necessary. Please click on the Locations page of our website to see more details on the club you are interested in.
There is no catch... we offer an incredible facility at an incredible price with all the equipment, classes and space you need to feel great! We are able to operate the club at far lower costs than many other gym operators by automating the joining process online and minimising administration with simple customer driven booking, feedback and cancellation processes.
Yes, when you join you will receive immediate confirmation of your membership sent to your e-mail address. As soon you are a member you are welcome to use the gym facilities.
Only our 'Gym and Swim' clubs have swimming pools which are identified on the website.
Yes. Some of our clubs offer other services such as beauty therapy, hair dresser and sports massage - perfect treats after exercising.
No, your membership only allows access to the gym you joined, you cannot use other Fitness4Less locations or change your club.

Paying for membership

Your first month fee covers all joining costs, including your gym introduction with a highly qualified personal trainer; we issue you with your biometrics - scanned fingerprint record; and also covers your initial period of usage.
The 3 month membership package is designed for members who do not have, or would prefer not to pay via the Direct Debit, and is still very competitively priced. We also offer a one-month membership – useful for people working away from home or who would like to try the gym for a short time or a multi-pass for greater flexibility.
No. We believe our prices are extremely competitive and are therefore non-negotiable! The prices listed under the ’Join Now’ tab of the website are our set membership types.
If you are changing banks and wish to continue to pay for your membership by direct debit you need to contact your new bank and instruct them to switch all your direct debits and standing orders to your new account. Most banks will process this in seven working days.

However, if we are unable to collect your monthly subscription payment by direct debit because you have not allowed sufficient time for the switch to be made before your due payment date, your membership will expire automatically and you will have to re-join from scratch, paying another joining fee and setting up a direct debit mandate on your new bank account.
The collection day is fixed on joining and may not be changed for any reason.
Fitness4Less has a policy of continuing to renew and improve club facilities and services and to offer a wide range of equipment. To support us in doing this, each club charges all members an annual club enhancement fee of £7.50. Members are informed of when this fee will be due via email. The fee when due will be taken with the normal monthly direct debit payment.

Getting started

Your access will depend on the membership type you have purchased.

Standard opening hours for the Fitness4Less Group are:

Peak access:
Monday to Thursday: 6:00am - 10pm
Friday: 6:00am - 9pm
Weekend & Bank Hols 8am - 6pm

Off peak access:
Monday to Friday: 6.00am – 12pm & 2pm – 5pm
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: 8am - 6pm
Fingerprint recognition is one of our entry system options, however, we also offer nearfield technology. Members should download our App to their smartphone, register their membership online and use the access symbol once arriving at the turnstiles. Tap the phone on the marker indicated on the turnstile, our system verifies your membership access instantly and providing you have an active membership you will be allowed to enter.
A gym intro with a Professional Personal Trainer is included within the joining price. These can be booked via the Member Area.
Fitness4Less provides lockers to store your clothes and valuables. These lockers are for use whilst you are within the club ONLY and storage is not available to you overnight or during the day whilst you are off site.

Any valuables left behind overnight will be removed and moved to lost property.

Our lockers must be secured using your own personal padlock. Combination locks which fit our locking mechanisms are available to purchase in our vending machine located in reception.

You are welcome to bring a padlock with you but please make sure it has an 8mm shackle.

All belongings are left at the member’s own risk and Fitness4Less cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
Classes can be booked through the Member Area on the website.

The vast majority of our classes are included within your membership. These can be booked in the ‘Member Area’ of the website.

Specialist classes may incur an additional fee paid directly to the class instructor. These classes are identified on the timetable.
Professional Personal Trainers conduct our free Gym Intro sessions. This provides an opportunity to get instruction on a basic starter programme, meet team members and book a follow up free 30-minute personal training session.

Alternatively, please visit Training on the website for more information and contact details. You can email or call your chosen Personal Trainer to arrange a trial session with them direct.
Fitness4Less does not usually offer this facility. You must pay for your membership whether or not you use the gym. This is reflected in our moderate fees.
Here at Fitness4less we welcome any comments or suggestions about the club and the service we provide. From the Home Page, please select your club and use the contact form to message our team or ask at reception or email info@fitness4less.co.uk

App and Member Area

Our on-line facility and App are both quick and easy to use. You are able to book a Gym Intro, book classes, enquire about our personal trainers, look at your membership type, renew a paid in full membership, take part in members surveys and read the terms and conditions of your membership.

Please log in using the email and password you created when first joining. If you should forget these details you can reset them using the link under the log in box either online or via our App.
Fitness4Less launched a loyalty scheme for those members who maintained their payments on direct debit memberships with us at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The members who qualify will have a loyalty symbol attached to their membership record, visible when logged in to the App. Those individuals will have a current active monthly membership and will have paid one last direct debit instalment after lockdown and did not cancel their membership. Memberships were then automatically frozen and then restarted once the clubs reopened.

Annual payers/ short term prepaid memberships are not part of the loyalty scheme as they did not pay further fees but have had additional time added to their memberships.

NB - Members qualify to receive these rewards on successful payment of membership fees on the 23rd and 26th March and the 1st, 8th and 16th April.

What are the benefits of the scheme?
Price freeze - for 5 years
10 free guest passes - value £100
Loyalty referral discount - £5 discount on a Direct Debit Membership for them and a friend if they introduce someone new to the club.

All loyalty benefits are accessible through the App, where a qualifying member can automatically dispatch their allocation of free passes and or an invitation to join them at the club on the referral membership via an email, SMS message, WhatsApp message or via Facebook or Twitter. More information on how to use guest passes and referral memberships is available on our YouTube channel.

Further details about our loyalty scheme are in our Terms and Conditions under Member Loyalty & Referral Schemes.

Leaving the club and cancelling

Our paid in full memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable, so if you are in any doubt about committing to a year’s membership then your best option is to opt for the monthly membership paid via direct debit. 12 month plans have a minimum commitment of 12 monthly payments. Flexible memberships have no notice period . Once you have contacted your bank and cancelled the direct debit that funds your membership, your membership will be terminated. Please be aware that 12 month plans must not be cancelled until 12 monthly payments have been made as you have agreed to make all the payments that are due. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your membership and all remaining instalments and additional charges may become payable.
Members who have a flexible monthly membership or have completed the minimum term membership can cancel their membership with immediate effect, this is completed by contacting your bank and cancelling your direct debit.

Please be advised your membership cancellation will take effect as soon as your bank notify Fitness4Less. Therefore your access will be prohibited on that day. We do not offer refunds on unused memberships, so to make the most of your last month at the gym, it is advisable to cancel your direct debit about 7 working days before the date when your next subscription is due to be collected. Please do not leave it any later than this, or your bank will not have time to cancel before the collection of your next month’s subscription.