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If you`re in need of some specific health and fitness advice or need some added motivation, at New Malden Fitness4Less we offer a talented team of Personal Trainers to help. Each individual has their own area of interest and specialist-training techniques which you can view below:

Dean Doran

Fitness is a journey, one that opens doors to new opportunities. As a personal trainer I strive to motivate individuals to take steps to enjoy a...

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John Garganera

Training with me you will discover a whole new you and unlock your fitness capability mentally and physically “The Mind Leads the Body Follows”...

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Ju Lee

I specialise in personal training that focuses on body conditioning and flexibility. I have competed successfully in several NABBA Body Fitness...

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Matthew Stockland

Matthew has worked in the fitness industry forthe past 20 years in the UK and overseas as a Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer, WeightManagement...

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Pierre Pyne

If you train with me, I can guarantee that you will achieve everything that you wish for. Working together, we will smash all your personal fitness &...

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Rose Mary Pantoja

I have 15 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer and believe me nothing is imposible when you have a motivation. I...

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