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Member Of The Year...Take Inspiration From Last Year's Winner!

Member Of The Year...Take Inspiration From Last Year's Winner!

Well, another year has flown by and we are in the middle of our nomination period for the Fitness4Less 'Member Of The Year'. Last year our deserving winner was Tiffany Paul from Bristol.

Tiffany was involved in a serious road traffic accident a few years ago and suffered a terrible catalogue of injuries, including breaking her pelvis, ribs and both her arms. She received both skin and bone grafts and underwent numerous operations to pin her bones in place. Although she was thankful to be alive, her road to recovery was long and difficult and she was wheelchair-bound for several months. Clearly the mental challenge was as great as the physical one and scarring affected her confidence; this in turn led to weight gain.

In September 2015 Tiffany’s partner proposed to her and she happily agreed. She thought that this might provide the impetus she needed to start to improve her fitness and reduce her weight. She wanted to feel good for her wedding day (in April 2017) and began training at our Bristol Fitness4Less gym with our Personal Trainer, Louise. Despite being initially slightly nervous and not very confident, she applied a positive attitude, commitment and energy and achieved wonderful results. She dropped 4 dress sizes and feels 100% fitter. More importantly, her confidence has soared.

We also had some extremely worthy runners up, like Michelle Dawes from Northampton. She kept her nomination short and sweet – ‘Thanks to your gym I have lost 35lb and feel so much healthier and more confident about myself - thank you’. A fabulous result after a year of hard work and effort.

Pete Cash from our Brierley Hill gym was nominated by his wife Jackie. At 5ft 7’ Pete was 16 stone and very overweight. He needed a challenge and found inspiration through fundraising for a local charity - Living Springs, who were seeking volunteers to trek in Nepal. He knew it would be tough but with a little help from the team at Fitness4Less, he finished a 32 mile day trek in under 10 hours. When we last caught up with him, he weighed in at a healthy 10 stone 7lbs. Great work!

We hope these amazing stories are just the thing to keep you motivated this year and to help you make the fresh start you might be planning in 2018.

Don’t forget that if you have or someone you know has an inspirational story of hard work and life changing results in 2017 that you would like to share, why not enter our Member of the Year competition. You’ve got nothing to lose, and you never know... you may end up like Tiffany - with a prize of a lifetime!

Simply post your story on our 'Member Of The Year' Facebook post, or give the details to a team member at your Fitness4Less gym, who will pass it on to us.

Good Luck!

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