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Why Bianca's a Fitness4Less Super Nova

Why Bianca's a Fitness4Less Super Nova

Bianca Campbell, Assistant Manager at our Watford gym, is another member of Fitness4Less staff that deserves a starry accolade, in line with our seasonal theme of sparkling stars.

Club Manager, Tom Ward, is enthusiastic in his praise for her – “Bianca has been a member of the team at Watford for what feels like an eternity (actually 5 years) but I mean that in the most positive way possible! She’s the cornerstone of our team and a strong and determined leader, whilst also being a friendly and extremely dedicated staff member. She has a fierce and infectious energy that she brings not only to the packed classes she teaches every week, but also to the team she helps me to manage. I think everyone would agree that she’s a real star player!”

Club members too are full of admiration for Bianca, saying that she “loves a chat”, she’s “very friendly and attentive”, she’s “a massive bundle of energy”, she “cares about the customer” and that she’s “the best spin instructor I’ve ever seen.” With such a stellar endorsement, we thought you might be interested in Bianca’s answers to some of the questions we asked her about her job and her approach to fitness.

I feel my fittest right now. I do a mixture of things like bodyweight calisthenics, boot camp and spin to keep my body in check.

I loved PE at school. I was lucky to have an amazing teacher, who always encouraged me and made me team captain of most of the sports that I got involved in.

It’s hard to pick out the thing I love the most, because I love everything about my job – but I do love the members at Fitness4Less Watford. They’re all very welcoming. Alongside this, the team around me is very supportive and I like to see us as a little family.

A cappuccino & a bowl of porridge.

Anything with high energy is usually enough to get me going!

Bungee jumping or paragliding, probably.

My hair is ORANGE, not Red!

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