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Why Janet is a Star in Our Eyes at Fitness4Less New Malden

Why Janet is a Star in Our Eyes at Fitness4Less New Malden

In keeping with our festive theme of sparkling stars, our housekeeper, Janet Blunden, who’s been doing sterling work maintaining standards of cleanliness at Fitness4Less New Malden since the club opened, is definitely a star-player.

As Club Manager, Pete Evans, says, “Janet is one of the cornerstones of the business. Members love her enthusiasm and hard working nature. She’s a valued member of staff and she loves a chat! That’s why we’ve chosen her to star in our December blog.” Janet’s energy and stamina is also testament to a lifetime’s enthusiasm for sport and fitness.

We wanted to find out a bit more about Janet and so we asked her a few questions about this and thought you might be interested in her answers: -

Before my knee replacement, I used to play badminton several days a week.

I really loved PE at school. My teacher was all right – I don’t really remember whether he was inspirational, though!

I’m always kept busy and it’s never boring. I like working with younger people and it’s lovely that treat me the same, despite my mature years.

Granary toast.

Eye of the Tiger!

I took a helicopter ride over a live volcano, although I’m terrified of heights (and not keen on molten lava either)!

I used to play football for Fulham Ladies.

Join us in recognising Janet for being a true star in our midst. And if you happen to bump into her at our New Malden gym just remember to show her your appreciation :)

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