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Tips For Making Your Morning Workout A Good Habit

Tips For Making Your Morning Workout A Good Habit

We humans can all be pretty skilled at getting into bad habits, from nail biting to eating or drinking a little too much. So how about creating a good habit that becomes so much an automatic part of your behaviour and proves so beneficial, that you don’t even want to try and break it?

With a little effort, a regular morning workout could become a good habit, which will make a big impact on your overall fitness and increase your zest for life. How many times have you resolved to visit the gym after work, only to find that at 6 o’clock you’re hungry and tired after a hard day and suddenly a meal, a long bath and an evening snuggled up in front of the TV seems far more appealing? If you can get some brisk exercise out of the way early in the day, you’ll be more alert and cheerful at work and you can then look forward to relaxing in the evening.

The following five tips may help you on your way to setting up a solid routine, sticking to it and reaping the rewards:

1. Wind Down And Prepare The Night Before
A realistic goal would be to start winding down around 9pm, having finished your domestic chores and family duties. Relax with a bath, some soft music or a good read, releasing your worries and aiming for lights out at ten. Set out your fitness kit for the morning and get your pre or post workout food ready. Remember, “ Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”.

2. Get Enough Sleep
Experts say that we need 7 to 9 hours sleep every night to repair and regenerate our brains and bodies, to get ready for the next day’s activities, to aid rapid recover from illness and to help with mental health, stress and problem solving. So make sure you get enough quality rest. A warm bed and cool bedroom may help you relax.

3. Make Your Bedroom a No-Phone Zone and Set The Alarm
Site your alarm clock across the room, so you have to get up to switch it off, and don’t get back into bed. Flickering screens, iPads and phones are major contributors to insomnia, so it’s best not to have them in the bedroom anyway.

4. Develop a “Whatever It Takes” Attitude
Rise fully rested, throw on your gym kit and get on with your exercise – a run, a swim, an early bird gym class, a workout in the living room – whatever you can fit round your circumstances and your family. In summer you may find it easier to get up really early. If you make an early start part of your routine, it becomes a habit that’s hard to break. Winter’s a bit more challenging but the results you achieve will make it all worthwhile, so persevere.

5. Don’t hesitate or Make Excuses - Just Get On With It
Do your workout, enjoy a healthy breakfast, jump in the shower and start your day. This way, come the evening you get to enjoy the time you earned with your loved ones, rather than trying to convince yourself to fit in a workout when your heart’s not really in it.

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