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Fitness4Less Worcester Will Be Opening Soon!

Fitness4Less Worcester Will Be Opening Soon!

We realise that all you good people of Worcester and the surrounding area, who have already signed up in advance for membership at the brand new Fitness4Less Worcester gym, are eagerly anticipating the club’s opening this autumn. We’re sure you can’t wait to start using the facilities, and that you’re already imagining how working out at this great new club will benefit your future health and fitness.

There’s not too much longer to wait, but as well as keeping you up to speed on the progress of the build, we thought we would just take this opportunity to concentrate on what the gym will offer in terms of relaxation. Healthy living is not all about toil and sweat; you need to take time to relax and chill out too, and Fitness4Less Worcester will have this well covered.

The construction of the 15m swimming pool is now progressing apace, and the whole pool area is currently being tiled. The electrical wiring is already in place, ready for the installation of a dramatic blue lighting scheme, which is designed to create a restful and tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy a swim.

Furthermore, to help you de-stress and unwind after exercising, the sauna and steam rooms will be very spacious, with seating that will accommodate 18 to 20 people.

In the gym, the spectacular glass floor – a unique and stylish design feature – is being laid, and this will give a bird’s eye view of the swimming pool below. But don’t worry; swimmers won’t be able to see you above them, so your modesty will be preserved, if you happen to be wearing a skirt!

So, as well as providing the best equipment and modern, attractive amenities, in designing the new gym we have thought carefully about creating a club that you will be proud to be part of. The gym is being created not just as a functional space, but also as somewhere designed to foster a warm and friendly atmosphere, where you will be able to make friends and relax too – a destination that we hope you will really enjoy visiting regularly, as a big part of your social life.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the virtual tour of Worcester's exciting new gym, opening this autumn! It really brings the club to life and you can visualise all of the great facilities we will have on offer, which are all included in your £19.99 membership. Remember, you, your friends and family can still save £28.00 by joining NOW

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