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Give Your Dad The Gift Of Health On Fathers Day

Give Your Dad The Gift Of Health On Fathers Day

We’ve had a special day for mothers for centuries (Mothering Sunday) but Fathers’ Day was only introduced early in the last century in America and imported to England far more recently – and why not! Dad’s are just as important and deserve a bit of spoiling at least once a year, to remind them how much we appreciate and love them.

This year Fathers’ Day falls on Sunday 18th June and we’ve been thinking up ways of making your Dad (or step-father, father-in-law, grandfather or any other significant men in your life) feel really valued, apart from sending them a card or present, treating them to a slap up meal or a pint down the pub.

Maybe your Dad’s a bit overweight, stressed out by work pressures or feeling his age? Perhaps the best gift you could give him would be some gentle encouragement to get a bit fitter and healthier. Without bluntly telling him he needs to shape up, here are some reasonably subtle ways you could go about this: -

* Take him for a long country walk with the family with maybe a drink or lunch in a pub at the end. He’ll get a chance to chat, get some fresh air, relax, see some beautiful countryside and benefit from the exercise. Better still; make this a regular fixture, so all the family benefits.
* Buy him a Day Pass at the gym or invite him to train along with you. If he enjoys it, encourage him to join for a month or more or promise him a longer membership for his birthday.
* Encourage him to take up a sport like golf or tennis – maybe go along with him, so you both benefit and spend some quality time together.
* If he used to enjoy cycling, dust off the bike and go for a ride with him. Or find a cycling club in your area that he might like to join or that organizes family fun rides the whole family can take part in. Cycling UK and Sustrans are just two organizations that promote cycling for health and whose websites contain lots of helpful information.
* During the school holidays or at weekends, organize some games of rounders, cricket or football in the garden or local park – maybe get your Dad to do a bit of coaching with the kids.

* Enroll him and your Mum in some dance classes – line dancing, salsa, rock and roll, whatever you think they’d enjoy.
* Suggest a family swim – at the pool, in the sea or even wild swimming – see for information and tips.

Whatever you do to help the men in your life with their health and fitness this Father’s Day, you’ll be making sure they live longer, happier lives, benefitting not only themselves but the whole family.

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