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Looking For Help with Motivation & Results?

Looking For Help with Motivation & Results?

If you are someone who has been going to the gym for a while and is stuck in a bit of a rut, or maybe you have just joined the gym and are not quite sure what you should be doing to achieve a really effective workout... then read on!

As a Personal Trainer at Fitness4Less, I think I'm pretty well placed to tell you a bit more about Personal Training and what it can do for you!

What is Personal Training?
Well, it is exactly what is says, it is training that is personal! You work 1:1 with a qualified fitness professional, known as a PT or Personal Trainer, whose job it is to be 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What are the benefits?
People decide to work with a personal trainer for many different reasons, including general fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, getting back into shape after pregnancy, preparing for competitions, sporting events or photo shoots and rehabilitation after an injury. It’s obviously important to seek out a PT who fits the criteria and has relevant experience to take care of your individual needs - and also someone who you click with on a personal level.You’ll be spending time one on one, so you’ll want to feel comfortable and at ease with them.

If I had to sum up the 4 main benefits...

1. Motivation - knowing that your trainer is there waiting for you at the gym can be the difference between you making the effort to go to the gym at all or putting it off for another day! My job as a PT is to motivate and support you all the way, and to ensure that you’re putting 100% into your training. Also to help you grow and progress by encouraging you to push past any perceived boundaries.

2. Discipline & Routine – Your PT will work around your schedule to set out days and times in your week to train. They will teach you different forms of exercise, which you can then implement into your own training routines. Your sessions will also be complemented with a tailor-made, structured workout plan with your particular fitness targets in mind and you’ll be advised on any necessary diet and lifestyle changes for you to best achieve them. I believe having that structure is key to keeping you on track.

3. Guidance & Support – It is so useful to have someone to refer back to for information and advice, who has a wealth of knowledge and passion for all things health and fitness-related. I am there to answer any questions my clients might have and to advise them, for example, on the benefits of doing a particular exercise. It’s also reassuring to know that your PT is fully competent in ensuring that exercises are safely and correctly executed, which will help you to feel more relaxed and confident when training.

4. Results - You are much more likely to get the results you are looking for training 1:1 with an expert fitness professional. We have a huge wealth of experience to pass on and make sure that what you are doing is going to quickly and effectively help you get the results you are looking for!

Working with the right Personal Trainer can really transform your life. It can literally be life-changing; helping someone transition from being bed-ridden to being able to compete in a sporting event. It can even potentially be life-saving; when exercise is crucial to keeping a health condition under control i.e. diabetes or a heart condition.

A good Personal Trainer should inspire you to make all-round healthier lifestyle choices and you can gain results that will have a long-term positive effect on your health, wellbeing and general outlook.

I am sure that a common misconception people have is that Personal Training is for a certain type of person – they might assume it is only for beginners starting out in the gym, who are completely new to training, but that is not the case. Of course it is perfect for someone new to the gym, to help them to gain confidence and ease them into the gym environment. However, it is equally beneficial for someone who has been training their whole life. Someone that has been competing in a sport for years could need help to achieve a particular goal; a track athlete, for instance, might have a coach who works with them to improve their time in preparation for their next race. Whatever the type of training, the aim is always to meet the client's individual needs. I’d say that pretty much everyone has something worthwhile to gain from Personal Training.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the gym and also the location. Prices for Fitness4Less Southend, where I am currently based, average around £35 for a single 1 hour session, or if booking sessions in blocks of 4 hours or more, a discounted rate is applied. Generally London prices are higher and will start from around £50 per hour. Think of it as an important investment in yourself and your future. Remember – your health is priceless!

This blog was contributed by Leaviel Corang, Personal Trainer at Fitness4Less Southend.

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