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LEARN - Top Recommended Fitness Books

LEARN - Top Recommended Fitness Books

Getting fit is often described as a “journey”, but it is really a process of education, getting to know your body and its capabilities, learning to improve it through exercise and healthy eating and acquiring the skills to optimise its efficiency and longevity.

The question is, are you:

1. A former couch potato, who would really like to get into fitness but doesn’t know where to start, or a fitness newbie, who has joined the gym but is looking for guidance on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle?

Try this title:

BEGINNERS/IMPROVERS FIT IN 3 - The Scandi Plan by Faya Nilsson This book outlines a three-week plan, in which good food, exercise and mindfulness work in harmony to provide you with a simple formula for an enjoyable and healthy life.

2. An older person, who wants advice on getting fit but is a bit worried about their physical limitations and wants to avoid injury?

Then try "Sod Sitting, Get Moving! Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond" By Diana Moran & Sir Muir Gray This book has been designed to meet the needs of the older exerciser and focuses on strengthening muscles and bones, improving stamina and increasing mobility, so you look younger, feel better and reduce the risk of disability and dementia.

3. A woman, new to exercise or looking for techniques specifically designed for the female of the species?

Have a look at "The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises" by Adam Campbell. A comprehensive guide to body-shaping exercises specifically designed for women including 5 to 30 minute workouts for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced.

4. A dedicated fitness fan or elite athlete, eager to learn the latest techniques and methods and get totally ripped?

HARD-CORE FITNESS FANS might read "Every Day is Game Day: Train Like the Pros with a No-Holds-Barred Exercise and Nutrition Plan for Peak Performance" By: Mark Verstegen and Peter B. Williams This is a professional training manual for top athletes. Gruelling exercise regimes are explored to help you reach peak performance with explosive power, efficiency and a limited risk of injury.

5. Looking to understand what is making us gain weight in society and find out how you can lose it?

Try reading 'Mindless Eating' – why we eat more than we think!

A great book for anyone looking to lose weight. Each day we make over 200 decisions about eating and Dr Brian Wansink shows how we are being manipulated by brands, clever marketing and why our environment is causing us to gain weight, without us even realising!

6. Wanting to shift excess weight and become leaner and stronger?

Then you could read 'Lean in 15: 15 minute meals and workouts to keep you lean & healthy'.

One of a series of lean in 15 books by the best selling author Joe Wicks. This book combines 100 healthy recipes, ready in just 15 minutes plus signature 15 minute HIIT workouts for those looking to shift excess weight and become leaner and fitter!

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