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Learn - Utilise Our Workshops And Gym Floor Sessions To Expand Your Fitness Repertoire!

Learn - Utilise Our Workshops And Gym Floor Sessions To Expand Your Fitness Repertoire!

LEARN – The Benefits of Trying Our Workshops and Gym Floor Classes.

If you were at school or college and had to do the same lesson day-in-day-out, you would soon get bored and maybe start skipping classes and playing truant. The same applies to the gym – if you’re in a rut and just run on the treadmill on every visit, you’ll become fed up and disheartened and will probably let your gym membership slip – what a waste of time, effort and money!

Learning something new may be challenging but it can be exciting too, and it sure breaks the tedium of doing the “same old, same old”. So why not take advantage of the huge range of classes and workshops that are available at Fitness4Less and which come free with your gym membership? You’ll not only squeeze the last drop of value from your membership fees but you will gain in so many other ways: -

• You’ll meet people and make new friends. Exercising with a bunch of new gym buddies can be great fun.
• You’ll experience new routines and techniques and learn how to exercise safely and more effectively.
• You can ask questions and get the invaluable advice of our fantastic and knowledgeable team of personal trainers.
• You can find out what the weird and wonderful bits of new fitness kit actually do and how you can use them without feeling embarrassed or stupid.
• You’ll find out which exercises or disciplines really appeal to you. You may find a passion for dance, for example, or realise that yoga is not just something for the girls that involves tying yourself in knots, but that even tough footballers find it beneficial.
• If you find you don’t like a particular class, you can always try something else. With dozens of classes on offer every week and new workshops and cutting-edge fitness techniques being introduced all the time, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

So, if you’re feeling a bit jaded and lacking in motivation, trying to get fit all on your own, give some of our classes and workshops a try and learn something new – we guarantee you won’t regret it.

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