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Looking For A Toned Stomach? Grab A Partner And Go!

Looking For A Toned Stomach? Grab A Partner And Go!

What better way to get fit and work your abs, than with a friend? You’ll be amazed how much fun you have and how much easier it makes the exercises you are doing. Why not have a go at the exercises below!

1.Partner plank
Both go into the plank position opposite each other with your heads close to each other. Then simply play pat-a-cake by lifting one hand and touching your partner's opposite hand, then change to the other hand.


2. Stability ball sit ups
Lay down opposite your partner with your feet next to each other. One person start with the Swiss ball lifted above their head and slightly behind, your partner also stretches their arms above their head. Both partners perform a sit up motion and the Swiss ball is passed from one person to the other. Lower your body back to the floor and repeat.


3. Oblique sit ups Lay next to your partner, facing the same way with your knees raised and hands resting next to your head ready to do a sit up. Shoulders should be relaxed. Push your lower back into the floor.
Bring your shoulders off the floor, rotating your torso towards your partner and clapping their opposite hand. Bring your hand back to your head and lower your body back to the floor. Once you’ve done one side you can change sides to work both sides of your stomach muscles.

4. Medicine ball twist
Sit back to back with your shoulders touching, raise your legs so that they are bent and your heels are on the floor. One partner holds a medicine ball to their chest and hands the ball to the other partner by twisting over to the right. Your partner makes the same movement to their left , taking hold of the ball. Concentrate on squeezing your abdominal muscles during the exercise and only twisting from the upper back.

Medicine ball

And for the more adventurous of you…

5. Double lift
Lay on your back and have your partner face the opposite direction. The partners hold each other’s ankles and the partner on top holds a plank position, balancing over the top of their partner, facing the opposite direction. The person on the floor sits up keeping hold of their partners ankles. The partner on top pulls their abs in and pulls their hands towards their feet.

Double lift

So, during the season of New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s in your lounge or at the gym – your friends can help you get fit, have fun and get that toned stomach you have been looking for!

*Please ensure you check with a medical professional and fitness expert before attempting any new exercise routine.

This blog contribution was kindly collated by Dan Hill and Andy Biseker, Managers at our Northampton Gym.

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