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Lose 6lbs in 6 Weeks - Our Simple Work Out Plan

Lose 6lbs in 6 Weeks - Our Simple Work Out Plan

If you want to shed 6lbs in a safe and sustained way, here is how. Tom, our Gym Manager from our Watford branch of Fitness4Less, has designed this easy to start and easy to stick to routine, which combined with sensible eating can get you 6lbs lighter in a month and a half from now.

So dig out your gym bag and run those niffy trainers through the wash cycle, you’re nearly ready!...But before you start - read Toms important points to note....

    • Before commencing with any fitness orientated program, you should complete a Physical Active Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) to ensure you are fit and healthy enough to pursue. If at any stage after completing your PAR-Q you feel unwell or incur any injury, stop and seek advice from your doctor.
    • Prior to starting any training, you should always perform an adequate warm-up & always cool down after a workout to reduce the risk of any injury. A gentle 5 minute cycle is the perfect option for a warm up. However, if you ever need further advice on warm ups/cool downs, speak to a fitness instructor or personal trainer who will gladly give you some tips.
    • I advise the following routine to be completed 2-3 times per week for the optimum results to be achieved.

Week 1
Getting started

As it’s the start to your new journey to building a healthier, leaner and stronger version of you, it’s important we go back to basics to set ourselves up for success from day one. The focus of Week 1 is to start to improve your cardiovascular system. The foundations we will build over the space of this week will give you the best possible chance to grow as the weeks progress and achieve that all important fat loss target of 6lbs!

Week 1

Bike and cross trainer


Week 2
Building the momentum

Week 2 is here and it’s time to start building on last weeks’ progress. Over the course of this week, we’ll be introducing some simple resistance movements to assist in the reduction of bodyfat by building some healthy, lean muscle. Try not to confuse this process with body-building, as this will most definitely not be the outcome! To reduce body fat, it’s important we stimulate the body in a variety of ways, and resistance training will help us along the way to that all important 6lb loss!

Week 2


Bike –

1. Adjust seat so it’s in line with your hip when you’re standing next to the machine, take a seat and then strap your feet into the foot pedals.
2. Begin rotating, ensuring your legs are extending when pedalling but the knee joint is not locking.

Crosstrainer –

1. Hold tightly onto the handles and step onto the foot pedal closest to you, being careful of the rotating function of the foot pedals, then place your foot onto the other pedal.
2. After your feet and hands are secured to the machine, slowly start rotating your legs in a forward motion.
Squat –

1. Stand tall with a straight back with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Breath in as lower yourself towards the floor by squatting down like your sitting down into a chair until your bum reaches no more than 90 degrees with the back of your knees, and then return to the standing position by pushing through the heels and breathing out as you progress.

Lunges –

1. Take a big step away in front of your body with your left leg and then whilst keeping your back straight, bring your right heel off the floor so you’re on the balls of your feet.
2. From this position, slowly bend through both knees until they are both at 90 degrees between the ankle, knee and hip, and then extend back to the starting position and repeat.
Press Up

Press Ups –

1. Place a mat on the floor and kneel onto to it. From here, go onto all fours, placing your hands directly beneath your chest.
2. After you assume this position, slowly lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows outwards whilst breathing in until your chest is about 2/3 inches above the floor, then exhale and push your body back to the starting position ensuring your back is straight throughout.
Lat Pull Down

Lat Pulldown –

1. Adjust the rollers so when you’re sitting on the seat, your thighs can roll under them comfortably, then select the weight in which you are going to use.
2. From the standing position, take an overhand grip of the bar just past shoulder-width apart and then whilst keeping hold of the bar, sit onto the seat, sliding your thighs underneath the rollers. From here, slightly lean back from your hips, exhale and slowly pull the bar down, being careful not to hit your head, until the bar is just beneath your chin, then extend the bar back up to the start position whilst inhaling and keeping your tummy tight.
Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press –

1. Adjust the seat so that when you sit down, the grips for the machine are in line with your shoulders, and then adjust the weight to your desired amount.
2. Take a sturdy grip on the handles and whilst exhaling and keeping your abdominals tight, push the grips over your head until your arms are straight, but not locked and then release back to the starting position in a controlled manner whilst breathing in.

Week 3
Creating good habits

You’re halfway! Well done for making it this far. By now you should be feeling healthier, focused and a little stronger. This week we’ll be taking Week 2’s workout and making it a little harder to push your body a little bit more. Remember, consistency is key to creating an environment for good habits, so keep up this momentum and push yourself a little more over Week 3!

Week 3

Cross Trainer



Press Up

Let pull down

Shoulder Press

So that gets you half way to your goal. You should be starting to feel more practised in your exercises and perhaps a little more comfortable in the gym environment. Watch out next week when we share the second half of your simple to follow 6lbs in 6 weeks fitness plan. Please tell us all about your experiences and acheivements - we would love to hear about them, tweet us or post on our facebook page.

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