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What Can Our Charity Friends Of Fitness Do For You?

What Can Our Charity Friends Of Fitness Do For You?

I would like to tell you about someone truly inspirational who uses my gym in Chesham, and that someone is Steve Brown. Steve has been a member at Fitness4Less Chesham for 3½ years and in that time he has lost a staggering 7 stone in weight. Prior to the weight loss, Steve was also Type 2 diabetic. His doctor, who had been monitoring his condition throughout the period of exercise, suggested to him that after the first year of training he had actually improved his health to such a degree that clinically he was so no longer classed as diabetic, and could stop taking the medication.

This would be a stunning achievement for the average person, but Steve also has Asperger’s Syndrome which is on the Autism spectrum, and initially found it difficult to interact with other people. By his own admission, he tells me he only left the house twice a week to see his parents and go to the supermarket. He now attends the gym 4-5 days a week!

With the support of our Friends of Fitness charity, I have been doing Personal Training with Steve and I am very proud to say he now completes 2 Group Spin biking classes a week with me and often enjoys banter with the other class participants. He trains with me twice a week and despite all the temptations not to, Steve has turned his life around. I have the greatest admiration for his tenacity and dedication to overcome and achieve.

Steve is an active contributor to our social media pages and has previously shared how Fitness4Less has helped him. Steve says,

‘I would like to say a little about my own personal experiences, on how joining Fitness4Less in Chesham has turned my life around over the past couple of years. I am blessed with a life long condition known as Asperger's syndrome (Autistic disorder). In the past from being very young to now, I have had quite an isolated existence.

Everyone knows about the physical & health advantages of regular exercise. Things have changed a lot since a couple of years ago and I have found that little by little my social interaction with fellow members & gym staff is better, and I am actually making friends.(I hope to take part in a few more classes very soon).

My self esteem & confidence has soared over the past couple of years. My anxieties are manageable after a gym session and most of the time my general state of mind is positive, content & happy. This is all due to my wife & Fitness4Less, and I am very thankful to all concerned. Try a gym membership, put your heart soul & body into it - I know it makes sense.

Thank you Fitness4Less for widening my horizons. I am a completely different person to the man who walked through the gym front door, nearly 3 years ago’.

What an inspiring story on so many levels! If you know someone who could benefit from help turning their life around, improving their health and fitness, then nominate them here for support from our charity Friends Of Fitness.

This blog contribution was made by Iain Duncan, Gym Manager at Fitness4Less Chesham.

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