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Need Some Inspiration? - Top 5 Gifts For A Fitter Woman

Need Some Inspiration? - Top 5 Gifts For A Fitter Woman

Gift purchases should be fun not a chore if possible, and why not find something to encourage a fitter or healthier lifestyle? We’ve got our heads together at Fitness4Less to find 5 thoughtful gifts to give a friend, mum, sister or daughter which support the journey towards improving or indeed maintaining better health.

1. Fitness Walking Shoes - Budget £50 - £100
We know that upping the number of steps taken each day goes a long way to improved health and walking is an easier way of upping your fitness without it being too much of a chore. Sports shoe designers are increasing their range of really comfortable, breathable, light weight walking trainers. Have a look at the Sketchers, Micro Burst range or Go FLex Walk, Nike Air Presto or Geox Nebula Woman.

2. Running Gloves With Touch Screen Fingers - Budget £9 - £20
Hands can get chilly at this time of year when you exercise outdoors and running gloves are lightweight and comfortable. We reckon the best type of
these are both warm and practical Nike Running Gloves. In addition you can find great options in TK Maxx with great ’touch screen compatible’ index fingers, very useful if you are using your phone or mp3 for listening to your playlist or for emergency contact. Also take a look at the Kalenji retro reflective gloves at Decathlon.

3. A Bamboo Work Out top. - Budget £30 - £50
Consider a work-out top made from bamboo material. Once you’ve worn this fabric, I can tell you from experience you will rarely look back. It's super, super soft and very comfortable. Bamboo has lots of helpful additional qualities as a material, its naturally antibacterial - so it will keep smelling fresh and be odour free. It's highly absorbent - keeping sweat away from the skin and keeping your body dry. And it’s powerfully insulating, which means it keeps you cool in the summer but warm in the winter. We've picked out these great work out tops and base layers which are stocked by Sweaty Betty, BAM and No Balls.

4. A Fitness Tracker - Budget £50 - £100
As Fitness Trackers have become more of the norm and technology is developing at a pace, now might be a good time to invest in a motivational fitness tracker. There are lots and lots of options out there, but for a tracker which allows you to train for a range of activities, be it aerobic classes, cycling, running or even swimming, we think the Moov Now is the best, read about it's features here.

5. A Gym Water Bottle with Built in Filter - Budget £6- £10
Water is really our best source of refreshment in the gym, and the taste of pure filtered water is hard to beat. Now you can get nifty water bottles which combine convenience and filtering. Have a look at the Brita FillandGo which sells for £9.99 on Amazon, or checkout the Bobble.

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