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No Time? No Excuse!

No Time? No Excuse!

The most common excuse for not going to the gym is perceived lack of time. We all lead busy lives nowadays with long working hours, commutes, family duties and chores to fit in. But how much time do we spend channel-hopping to find something worth watching on TV, browsing the Internet or checking our phones? If we cut down on these time-wasting activities, surely we could free up some time to invest in our own health and fitness and squeeze in some healthy exercise?

It is a common misconception that you need to spend gruelling hours working out to keep fit. Short, sharp sessions of 15 or 20 minutes can be just as beneficial. One study found that people who split their exercise into 10-minute sessions were more likely to exercise consistently, and lost more weight than those who exercised for longer periods but with bigger gaps between workouts.

If you’re really strapped for time here are some things you could try to keep your fitness ticking over.

• When you need to pop to the shops, power-walk there and back, rather than taking the car.

• If possible, walk your child to school.

• Do 10 minutes of star jumps or skipping whilst you are waiting for your supper to cook – but watch those flying saucepans!

• At work take the stairs, rather than the lift, and run up upstairs - don’t plod!

• Don’t eat lunch sitting at your desk, continuing to work or idling away an hour. Go for a jog during your lunch break or fit in a quick class such as XFit or Bodyblitz at the gym. You’ll be more wide-awake and far more productive in the afternoon.

• If you take your kids to the park, have a kick-around with them, rather than sitting on a bench, just watching them use the play equipment.

• Tidy up the garden before winter sets in, but spread the job over several weeks. Even twenty minutes at a time sweeping leaves, cutting back vegetation or digging is good exercise.

• Try a celebrity exercise video and work out in your living room or use games console exercise programmes.

So don’t feel you’re too busy to exercise; where fitness is concerned, “every little helps”!

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