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Get Inspired - Ilse Taylor Owen, A Young Paralympian In The Making!

Get Inspired - Ilse Taylor Owen, A Young Paralympian In The Making!

What an inspiration the Paralympics have been! The athletes are so humbling with their strength, tenacity and determination and we are so immensely proud of the achievements of the Team GB athletes, our story about Ilse seems especially significant in terms of news. We are delighted to announce our latest sponsored membership for our charity Friends of Fitness.

Ilse Taylor Owen is an amazing young athlete, who is currently progressing through the British Equestrian Federation Excel Talent scheme, a lottery funded Sport England training programme that develops the sporting talent of the future.

Ilse was born with congenital cerebral palsy, which leads to a right sided hemiplegia. This makes day to day tasks more difficult for her. She experiences issues with her balance and movement specifically on her right side. Ilse is a strong and motivated individual who is committed to leading an active life, riding 4 times a week in her chosen sport of dressage. She is determined to continue improving and take on the challenge of riding larger horses which require more strength and stability to control.

Our charity Friends of Fitness have chosen Ilse for a sponsored gym membership to help support her in achieving her high level sporting ambitions. Ilse will also receive dedicated personal training to improve her strength and core stability for her dressage training. This training is taking place with Fitness4Less Chesham’s experienced gym manager Iain Duncan. Iain belives Ilse is remarkable and comments "I am really looking forward to working with Ilse and her mum, she has a strong spirit and I am convinced that the work we can do in the gym environment together will help her in her sport as well as everyday life".

We wish Ilse the best of luck with all her training and we will be giving you an update soon, on how she is developing.

Check out an interview all about Ilse and her nibbling horse below!

If you know anyone who would benefit from extra support in achieving their sporting ambitions, why not nominate them today. Friends of Fitness is a charity dedicated to helping individuals to improve their lifestyles; assisting local people who face significant barriers to exercise,whether that be financial or linked to age, infirmity or disability to get active, improve their health and achieve their ambitions.

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