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Want Results?  - Try Our New Apex Gym Floor Classes

Want Results? - Try Our New Apex Gym Floor Classes

Completely FREE to gym members and launching this month, look out for new Apex sessions appearing on the class timetable at Fitness4Less.

Apex is a series of 30-minute ‘ready-made’ gym floor group training sessions which bring fresh energy to your workout, allowing you as a member to meet our personal training team and try out training techniques which are new onto the exercise scene.

At Fitness4Less it is our goal to encourage members to make the most of the gym facilities and become familiar with the more innovative kit used in the sessions. Therefore these classes are designed to be accessible, friendly and personal. This complements the Fitness4less ‘fresh, fun, affordable’ promise by bringing in a bright new way to work out on the gym floor at no extra cost to members.

Apex sessions are delivered by gym instructors and personal trainers to ensure good levels of interaction with groups of up to 12 members. The small groups allow for personal attention and high levels of motivation and thus enables trainers to advise individuals on their technique to maximise their workout. Initially we launch with 4 themed classes, read on to find out more;

STRENGTH this class implements functional strength training techniques for people who want to get stronger and are looking for maximum training efficiency. It’s a class for experienced gym enthusiasts who are looking for a new challenge.

IGNITE gives a Total Body workout designed to get members leaner, fitter and faster. It’s ideal for people who want short intense workouts and improved body composition. This class can be taken by both beginners and experienced exercisers, as you set your own pace.

CORE this class provides an advanced approach to core training that develops trunk stability and helps strengthen and protect the spine and improve core strength, posture, balance and stability.

AGILITY is a performance-orientated workout which helps people ‘train like an athlete’. This is the favourite session for anyone who relishes a playful, fun, athletic workout designed to improve balance, stability and co-ordination.

With the Team GB medal success at the olympics still fresh in our memories, who better to give these classes the stamp of approval than Dame Kelly Holmes.

’Apex gives people the opportunity to work out in a group environment with a range of different exercises and a variety of equipment,” says Kelly Holmes. “It’s impressive how the instructors get really involved in the sessions and give teaching points: it feels like a PT master class.”

Here is a taster of a what an Agility class involves:

Apex classes are available at all of our gyms. Click on the class timetable to book.

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