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Fitness Workshops Uncovered

Fitness Workshops Uncovered

Since our brand new “Workshops" have been launched at all Fitness4Less gyms, a number of members, who have tried them out, have been in touch and given us their reviews and feedback. We thought it would be interesting to share one of these.

Greg tried out the suspension training workshop. Suspension training has the potential to be beneficial for all gym users but it is definitely something you are unlikely to try without any help or guidance. The set up and use of the straps needs careful instruction and there are some important teaching points to get across with regard to body positioning and use of your core strength.

Greg was reassured by his trainer that the workshop would offer a great way to learn the basics and some techniques to provide progression. They explained that the suspension training system utilises body weight as resistance, which can be easily minimised or maximised by varying the position of your body. Using suspension training allows you to complete a low impact, full body functional workout. Using this form of training can also help develop your strength, cardiovascular health, balance, flexibility and core stability.

After trying the workshop Greg commented, “I really enjoyed this workshop. It was my first time using this piece of equipment and I will now incorporate this into my future workouts. It's not something that I had ever thought of using before, but this has opened my eyes to a number of different things I could try in the future. I guess you just get stuck into a routine and then if you’re anything like me, do the same every time."

So, if you would like to expand your repertoire of useful exercises, do try a workshop and you might be surprised at the way it influences your training.

Workshops will be available at all of our gyms. You can find out about them on our website by clicking the following link to our class timetable. Workshops are clearly identified and described here and if you log into your Member area, they can be booked online. You will also find a workshop notice board within the gym, which will be advertising the coming workshops for that venue.

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