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Life Changing Progress for Grant Award Winner

Life Changing Progress for Grant Award Winner

Fitness4Less are working with the charity Friends of Fitness to provide life changing support to members of the community.

One of our Friends of Fitness nominees Hossein suffered a stroke 2 years ago and trainer Matt Stockland is currently training him as part of a cardiac rehabilitation programme at the gym. Hossein is already making great progress after just a few months working with Matt, working together on cardiovascular exercises to help increase strength in the heart and encourage good blood circulation. Balance and co-ordination exercises are also being used as to work the muscles on the side of Hossein’s body most affected by his stroke.

Even after only 2 months, the support Hossein is receiving is making a huge difference in all areas of his daily life. He is noticing not only the amazing physical improvements but also that his mood has been lifted and he truly feels positive about his future. Hossein was nominated last year by his family and his membership and personal training have been funded by Friends of Fitness for 12 months. Here Hossien explains his situation and the significant impact that working with his trainer at the gym has had on his life:

‘Because of my stroke my movement was very limited and as a result, my day to day activities such as cleaning, cooking, getting dressed or showering were difficult and I needed help. I wasn’t confident enough to go out by myself or to walk for more than 10 minutes before needing to rest. I was unbalanced and unsteady on my feet and had a number of falls, on one occasion breaking my ribs. As a result, I lost confidence, stayed at home and tried to avoid any activities. My muscles and joints were very stiff, weak and painful.

I have now been attending the gym for two months, working twice a week with Matt my trainer, who is very patient and calm. My exercise has gradually increased in intensity and I am now much more confident in myself. I was recently able to get on a bus and go to the gym by myself. The pain has decreased substantially and I can now walk for longer distances, shower and get dressed by myself. My legs, arms and muscles are much stronger and I can now lift a 2kg weight with my bad arm! This means I may soon be able to independently do my own shopping and partake in day to day activities. Even my speech has improved and I can communicate with others better.

I am very grateful for this opportunity, as it has not only increased my health and fitness levels but also the quality of my life. Even though my family are happy to help and assist, they no longer need to worry about me. I am less dependent on my children and wife, resulting in a happier healthier life.

I have found hope and feel motivated to achieve a good level of mental and physical health. I am looking forward to a better and healthier future. I want to thank everyone who is helping me throughout this journey.’

If you or somebody you know needs help to improve their lives, please nominate them here. The support that Friends of FItness offers really does change lives for the better.

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