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Making Time for Fitness in a Busy Family Life.

Making Time for Fitness in a Busy Family Life.

Do you want to start exercising, but can’t see how you can fit it into a busy lifestyle? Our National Marketing Manager Jo has recently tried to introduce exercise into her routine. With 3 young children and a busy job, she has found it tough, but here’s how she’s done it…

‘I wasn’t doing any exercise, but knew that I wanted to and should be. Having been pretty active up to my 30’s, I realised I hadn’t done any proper exercise for over 10 years! Finally I took the first step and decided to walk back from dropping my youngest son at nursery. It was only 15 minutes, but it was better than nothing. I then thought I would try running it. It was a slow pace, but I made it. I’m now getting quicker and looking to extend the route.

My husband was doing the local organised 5K parkrun and I felt there was no way I could manage that distance, however he said that there was a junior 2K version on Sunday morning. Luckily all 3 kids were keen to do it. From watching on the side lines, I decided to join in, initially doing 1 lap pushing my youngest in a pram, to running round with him, and eventually running and trying to keep up with my other 2 boys. Unfortunately I don’t live near a fitness4less, but I have just joined a gym on a short term membership with a friend to try it out and see how we get on. Things are looking up on the fitness front and I always keep in my mind that doing something is better than nothing!’

To find your local free park run check out their website:

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