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Muscle Imbalances & How To Fix Them

Muscle Imbalances & How To Fix Them

Have you ever found yourself feeling stronger on one side of your body compared to the other? That's because most people tend to have a dominant side, much like how you have a dominant hand for writing. Ever since you have been able to move, that dominant side has worked just a little bit harder than the other. While the difference in strength on either side of your body is nothing to worry about, once it becomes noticeable in the gym, that is when you know you might have a muscle imbalance. Luckily, we have a few tips you can use to fix those imbalances in a flash!

The best way to target muscle imbalances is with unilateral exercises. These exercises target one limb/side of the body at a time.

Unilateral Tips:

Start with your weak side first
Starting with your weaker side first helps you better gauge how different each side is and helps you feel when you are improving. Typically, it will feel easier when starting with your stronger side. This is good so you know how it feels when your muscles start matching in strength as you progress.

Use weights that feel suitable for your weak side
Because your dominant side is likely to be stronger, weights can feel very light on that side compared to what it feels for your weaker side. Do not attempt to use the same weights on both sides. Rather, grab weights suitable for the strength on the weak side and slowly build from there to avoid injury.

Keep your repetitions the same on both sides
While the exercises are isolated, there is a weaker side, so keeping your reps the same might mean taking a break here and there. Don't worry! After your break go on to finish your total reps so each side is doing the same amount. This will ensure the workout is even on both sides of your body.

Hopefully, these 3 simple tips will help you finish your 30 Days Stronger challenge AND help to even muscle tone and strength. Even muscle tone helps you to improve your posture & form when exercising and navigating through daily life.

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