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Healthy Habits For Mental Well-Being

Healthy Habits For Mental Well-Being

Since we are focusing on Mental Health this week, we thought sharing some healthy habits and practices you can adopt would be helpful on your journey to becoming 30 Days Stronger.

Pre-Sleep Meditation
Those who struggle with sleep can benefit from practising meditation before bed. Insomnia is related to stress so when you meditate before bed, it could help stimulate sleeping hormones, reduce your heart rate so you can relax and activate the parts of your brain that control your sleeping patterns.

When you actively practice breathwork, you learn how to add more oxygen into your body which has multiple benefits for your health. Rooted in Yoga, breathwork has been practised for thousands of years. It has positive effects on your brain and nervous system. It can also help balance the alkalinity in your blood and help with inflammation in the body.

Heat Therapy
Also called Thermotherapy, this involves the application of heat onto an affected area to relieve pain from sore muscles and joints. It works by increasing the temperature of a specific area of the body to encourage blood flow to the area which results in quicker healing. You can use heat therapy by laying in a hot bath, using heat packs or visiting the sauna and steam room at the gym.

Outdoor Walks
Adding walks into your daily routine can help improve your lung function and strengthen your breathing, it can draw you closer to nature which has calming effects on your brain and it can also improve your heart health as you will be getting some cardio into your day too.

These tiny habits can make significant differences to not only your mental health but also your overall well-being. Let us in on your journey to becoming stronger by tagging us in a selfie of you completing one of our 30-Day Stronger Challenges on Facebook & Instagram.

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