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The Virtual Studio: Your Online Personal Trainer

The Virtual Studio: Your Online Personal Trainer

With our 30 Days Stronger challenge in full swing, we thought this was the right time to expand on the online section so you can complete the challenge with ease.

What To Expect
Every Sunday via our social media channels, we will remind you of the highlighted online video pertaining to the week's challenge theme. You can then get into your comfy clothes and tackle the routine in the comfort of your home OR at the gym.

Core Week: Les Mills Core #47
Les Mills Core workouts have been put together using athletic training principles. These workouts consist of proven core exercises and innovations that help build strength, stability and stamina.

Upper Body Strength Week: WAR 15 Express
WAR is an exciting total body workout that uses a variety of mixed martial arts and music. In this class, you will learn all about punches, hooks and jabs to work your upper body effectively!

Mental Health & Resilience Week: Stretch & Reset With Tom
De-stress, strengthen and tone up all in one class! This class focuses on breathing during stretches to help the body recover and ease the pressure on your mental health.

Lower Body Strength Week: Intro To Barbell Exercises With Jo
In this workout, you will learn everything you need to know about how and when to use a barbell as well as get an awesome workout too. This workout will use lots of moves that will help strengthen your legs.

How To Access The Virtual Studio
To get access to all our Virtual On Demand content, download our mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store, log in and click on the Virtual Studio tile. From there, you will be prompted to Sign Up and create your Virtual Studio account - after which, you will gain access to hundreds of on-demand workouts that suit your individual needs!

Let's see if you can tick every online challenge box this month! Don't forget to take a photo and tag us on social media so you can keep up with your challenge progress.

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