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Healthy Eating Does Not Have To Compromise On Taste!

Healthy Eating Does Not Have To Compromise On Taste!

Your fitness journey is made up of 3 essential components which cannot be overlooked. Those are exercise, nutrition, and motivation. Today, we tackle nutrition with a deep dive into our member Rewards Hub where you can find amazing meal kit solutions to help you keep on track while also benefitting from some cost savings.

Simply Cook
Simply Cook is a meal kit service that helps you add restaurant-style flavour to your dishes. With easy recipes to follow and the hassle of finding the perfect flavour combinations taken care of - feel empowered to try new foods, get different vitamins and minerals into your body and level up your cooking skills. What's best is, that it all tastes delicious and on our Rewards Hub, you can get your first box FREE!

If you are living a plant-based lifestyle but tired of tofu meals and veggie burgers or you're interested in incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet (hello Meatless Mondays!), then look no further than Grubby. Cook delicious plant-based meals packed with all the nutrients you need to fuel your workouts. You can receive 50% off your meal kit when you order through the Rewards Hub on our mobile app!

Just as fueling our bodies with nutritious food is important, supporting your immune health is what will keep you feeling strong enough to come to the gym. With Vitl, you can feel your best with personalised vitamins backed by science delivered straight to your door! Get 50% off your 1st month's subscription when you order on the Rewards Hub.

We can't forget about snacks! While watching a movie, sitting at your desk or simply needing a post-workout boost, Graze has got you covered. Graze believes that the healthy option does not mean you have to compromise on taste. You can peck on healthy, guilt-free snacks at any time of the day. A bonus is that you will receive 50% off your first Graze box when you order through our Rewards Hub.

Healthy eating is important for your well-being but it doesn't have to be boring. Give these options a try and prepare for your 5-A-day to get a whole lot tastier! Download the Fitness4Less Mobile app via the Google Play store or App Store to access the Rewards Hub now. On the app, you can also book classes, check club usage, and read more of our informative blogs all in one place!

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