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Share In Your Success

Share In Your Success

Since starting your journey and becoming a well-rounded gym goer, you're probably thinking, what are the next steps? The best thing you can do with your newfound knowledge and determination to be the healthiest you've ever been is to SHARE it with loved ones! Take on this workout with a buddy and share in the success of your journey.

Resistance Bands

-Heel Taps
Partner 1 lies on their back on the ground face up with legs in a tabletop position (keeping shins parallel with the Earth) while Partner 2 stands at Partner 1's head. Partner 2 loops the resistance band under Partner 1's feet while holding the other end. In this position, Partner 1 will begin lifting and lowering their legs to tap their feet to the floor and work the core while Partner 2 holds the band and engages their core.

Do as many as you can and then switch positions.

-Chest Press
For this exercise, Partner 1 loops the band around their body and holds the band in front of their body with 2 hands. Partner 2 then anchors the band by standing behind Partner 1 and creating tension in the band. Partner 1 will raise the band by keeping elbows bent at 90 degrees with their elbows, biceps and forearms parallel to the ground. Partner 1 can steady themselves by stepping into a slight lunge. Keeping their core engaged, Partner 1 will push forward to fully extend their arms and return slowly to the starting position.

Do 8-12 reps of these before switching positions

Medicine Ball

-Squat Rotations
Standing in a squat position back to back, pass the medicine ball to each other by rotating your torsos. Alternate between passing the ball to each other remaining in a squat position.

Do this for 8-12 reps in one direction before switching to the other side.

-Lateral Lunge With A Toss
Stand facing each other with some space between you. One partner will be holding the Medicine Ball. In this position, at the same time, perform a lateral squat to one side and return to the original position. At the end of the exercise, toss the medicine ball to each other.

Do this 8-12 times before switching sides.


-Reach & Touch Plank
For this exercise, both of you are required to do a full plank while facing each other. Alternating arms, reach to tap your partner's opposite shoulder while they do the same.

Repeat this with both arms as quickly as possible for 30 seconds or 8-12 reps.

-Body Weight Squat
Both partners start this exercise facing each other with an arm's length distance between you two. Both of you keep your feet slightly wider than hip-width while grasping each other's forearms. While both maintaining this strong position, simultaneously lower down into a squat position while keeping your core engaged. Slowly rise back up into the starting position.

Do this for 10-12 reps.

There is nothing like sharing in your success and most importantly in your fitness journey. Keep an eye out for an exciting Guest Pass giveaway coming on Friday 26th January - gear up for the opportunity to bring in your nearest and dearest until 29 February 2024.

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