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Mingle With The Manager: Fostering a Supportive Community in The Gym

Mingle With The Manager: Fostering a Supportive Community in The Gym

At each of our clubs, we pride ourselves in creating a community built on like-minded goals and supportive people. We asked our Watford Manager Bianca about the community she and her team have welcomed into the club and some of the fun things they do to keep everyone excited about their time at Fitness4Less!

How does your club actively promote a sense of community among its members?
Here at Watford, we are not just a community were a family that does more than just gym together. We dedicate time to having nights out, going for coffee and going for dinners. You will always find a wide variety of members from all different age groups and backgrounds socialising and training together. When they are in the gym they will always motivate each other.

Can you share an example that you have witnessed of members supporting each other in achieving their fitness goals within the gym?
I have a client, that loves the fact that if I'm not around when she is working out on her own, she will have the other PTs coming over encouraging her to make sure she stays on track. We all do, so here when you get 1 PT you actually get 7 more. We may even banter with the members and let them know we will tell their PT if we see them slacking on their own or in classes.

Are there any specific group classes or training sessions at your club that emphasise teamwork and camaraderie?
That would have to be the Sweat Zone Circuits Class. After doing the class you have to do a stair run, that's the full 4 flights of stairs to our building. It starts off as who will be the winner, but because everyone is so tired from the actual class, it then changes where everyone is struggling and they all just want to make it to the end, so end up all cheering and encouraging the last few on the stairs as the instructor is always there offering a high five no matter what place you come.

Besides working out, what social opportunities does the gym provide for members to connect and build relationships?
We offer a Summer and Christmas party, where we will rent out one of the venues on the high street just for us & members ONLY, join together and meet people they may not have yet met in the gym. We encourage meals & coffee & game nights out with members.

On a lighter note, what's the most unique or entertaining community tradition or inside joke that has developed among the gym regulars?
This would have to be our Summer and Christmas members' parties along with the annual Zumba Charity event that our Zumba instructor holds every year.

What's the most unusual or creative workout attire you've spotted someone rocking at the gym?
That would have to be from our member whom we've nicknamed "Handstand Steve" or Spiderman because his workouts consist of him doing handstands, 1 handed handstands, handstand pushups and even handstands on a fixed bar all whilst wearing his famous Spiderman outfit.

What's the funniest or most memorable "oops" moment that turned into a shared joke among members?
That would have to be when our PT James was having a boxing session with his client Lisa, I'm not sure if someone forgot the combo or James just didn't duck in time, but Lisa gave him the biggest right hook in his nose that it immediately began to bleed and James had to continue the session with tissue hanging from his nose to stop the bleeding.

We are dedicated to creating a close-knit community in each of our clubs. Our team's loyalty and the welcoming atmosphere among members contribute to this sense of belonging. From supportive group classes to social events, we prioritise building connections beyond fitness so you can succeed all around. Our community shares laughter, inside jokes, and memorable moments, making every visit to Fitness4Less not just a workout but a joyful experience. Join us in this journey of health, camaraderie, and fun!

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