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Start, Stay and Succeed in 2024!

Start, Stay and Succeed in 2024!

With the New Year only a few days away, it's usually around this time when we start to reflect on the past year and decide what changes to make to ensure the next year is the best yet. If exercise forms part of your goals for 2024 - fear not! We have the worries of your fitness game plan sorted.

Step 1: START
Kickstart your fitness journey and reinvigorate your love for your health and wellness with these tools -

  • Gym Intro
    Every new member is entitled to a FREE Gym Intro - a 30-minute session with a member of our friendly team. Expect cardio and resistance machine recommendations, a walk-through of all the different areas of the gym, and a programme providing the perfect ‘first workout’ to start your membership. Gym Intros are bookable via the Members Area or Mobile App, or you can speak with our staff at reception to get started.

  • Virtual Studio
    When you download our Free Mobile App on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you get access to our Virtual Studio with on-demand videos to help you navigate your journey at the gym. Find workouts, how-to's and beginner guides all designed to build up your confidence in a gym setting. Enjoy these videos in the comfort of your own home, office, or while you're away. It's 24/7 fitness in your pocket!

Step 2: STAY
Once you have found your way around the gym, the real fun starts!

  • Group Fitness Classes
    Sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated at the gym if you're working out by yourself. Luckily, we have dozens of Group Fitness classes on our weekly timetable that bring a social element to the gym, variety to your workout routine, and provide an opportunity to try new things. With classes such as Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Pilates and more, there is something for everyone! Plus, our Group Fitness Classes are FREE with every membership.

  • Bite-Sized Fitness
    With Technology driving our fast-paced world, a great way to feel supported in your wellness journey is through social media. Keep an eye out on our Facebook & Instagram pages where you will see some light-hearted moments from inside our clubs as well as short tutorials and techniques that you can add to your routine. Our instructors also broadcast LIVE on Instagram every week so you don't miss a beat!

Smashing your goals has never been this easy!

  • Gym Challenges
    Throughout the year, we host a range of gym challenges to take part in as an individual or with a gym buddy. With exciting prizes to be won, our gym challenges are a great way to challenge yourself to try out new things and switch up your routine to stay motivated.

  • PT Taster
    Every new member is entitled to a FREE PT Taster session. Chat with a Personal Trainer about your goals, create a roadmap to achieve these goals, and learn tips, skills and techniques to improve your workouts. This a great way to get started in the gym if you're a gym first-timer, or for those wanting to boost your existing routine with some expert advice.

Every big journey begins with a small step. So why not take your first steps to better fitness now? Join online or sign up a loved one now.

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