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Triathlon Challenge | Segment 3: Run/Walk

Triathlon Challenge | Segment 3: Run/Walk

You did it - You made it to the final part of the Triathlon Challenge! This last stretch focuses on the bit of cardio that we all know and love. Whether it's a jog, a brisk walk or a sprint, this last stretch focuses on all things walking and running, so let's take a look at some tips you should know when you hop on the treadmill.

Keep Your Posture In Mind
Naturally, when on a treadmill, you tend to look down at your feet to prevent yourself from falling. While this is an instinct it's a common mistake beginners make and can be what makes or breaks your running experience. Keeping good posture with your head up, core engaged, and facing forward at all times will prevent injury and help with better breathing while running.

Run As If You Are Running Outdoors
Running on the treadmill does not 100% replicate running outside. Not only because the terrain is constant indoors but treadmill running also protects you from the elements, especially the wind. But, you're in luck! There is a way to make your indoor jog as close to the real thing as possible. All you need to do is set your treadmill at an incline of about 2%. This makes indoor walking and running easier on your knees and adds some resistance which you would naturally find outside.

Start Slowly
If you are trying the treadmill for the first time, it's best to start at a slow to moderate walking pace so that you allow your body to get used to the motion and the machine. If you start too fast, you risk losing your balance which could result in injury.

Warm-Up. ALWAYS!
As with every exercise, it is important to warm up before diving into your workout. While it's very tempting to just hop on the machine, your muscles need to be oxygenated with blood before a heavy workout. Try a light walk or a 5-minute jog before moving on to sprinting or any incline running.

With the Triathlon Challenge in full swing, use these tips to complete Segment 3 and stand a chance to WIN a branded Triathlon Challenge t-shirt (ask reception for all the details).

What are you waiting for? Lace up those trainers and let's go running! Don't forget to tag us in your Triathlon photos on Facebook & Instagram!

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