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Triathlon Challenge | Segment 2: Spin

Triathlon Challenge | Segment 2: Spin

Congratulations! You've made it to segment 2 of the Triathlon Challenge. As you know, this segment is all about spinning! Spin classes are fun, and come with a load of benefits for everyone. Let's take a look at all the reasons (besides moving on in the challenge) that you should attend a spin class at your club:

It's Great For Newbies
With fast-paced music and the most motivational instructors leading your class, spin is an easy way for beginners to get hooked on fitness. Spinning is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise if you are looking to get motivated and push your limits. Try it but beware, you may not be able to stop showing up!

Get Fit, Fast!
Spinning is a full-body workout that not only works your cardiovascular system but also strengthens your legs, arms, shoulders and back. If you are looking for a total-body workout, spin class is the way to go!

You Are In Control
One of the best things about spinning is that even though you are working amongst others, you control the pace that you are comfortable with - all while enjoying the energy of working out around other people.

Supportive Community
Attending a spin class is a great way to meet a supportive community with shared goals and interests. The motivational spirit within the group helps to encourage you to try your best and make the most out of the class. You may even make friends that you grab a well-deserved coffee with after!

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