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Take Part In Our Triathlon Challenge With A Teammate | Coming This November

Take Part In Our Triathlon Challenge With A Teammate | Coming This November

We all know training with a friend or in a group can help boost your motivation, accountability, routine variety, and fitness FUN factor. This is why we have created the perfect gym challenge for you and a friend to complete.

To bring a teammate along for the challenge, keep an eye out for your ‘FREE 5-Day Multi Pass’ available to share with a friend via our App between 29th - 31st October.

TRIATHLON GYM CHALLENGE | 1-30 November 2023

How to take part:

Pick up a Challenge Card from reception at the beginning of November. Tick off each segment of the Triathlon Challenge at the level you choose to complete it. If you are participating with a teammate, make sure they tick off each segment of the challenge at the level they choose as well. 1 card per team.

The challenge can be done as quickly or as slowly as you choose. You can even complete it numerous times! Once you have completed the 3 segments of the Triathlon Challenge, hand your card to reception by 1st December 2023.

What's even better is that you get rewarded for working out with a friend too. Members who complete the challenge with a friend will both WIN a branded gym challenge t-shirt!*

What will the challenge consist of?
For our Gym and Swim clubs, the challenge will be made up of SWIM, BIKE, WALK/RUN and for our other clubs, the challenge will be made up of ROW, BIKE & WALK/RUN.

Segment 1: Swim (Gym & Swim Clubs ONLY)
In this segment of the challenge, you and your friend can enjoy the low-impact benefits of swimming. Test out your strokes when you choose to swim either 10, 25 or 50 lengths in the pool at your club. Swimming has loads of benefits such as increasing your heart rate without stressing your body as well as strength, muscle and endurance building.

Segment 1: Row (all other clubs)
Getting on the rowing machine, you and your partner can be sure that you'll get a full-body workout. For this segment of the Triathlon Challenge, consider this segment complete when you and your loved one row 1000, 3000 or 6000 metres.

Segment 2: Bike
Come to a Spin class! Combine resistance and cardio-based training in perfect harmony to get your heart pumping, legs burning and metabolism boosted in our spin classes. Attend one of our spin classes with your friend as you bike your way to check off this segment.

Segment 3: Walk/Run
The last stretch! Get your heart pumping when you hop on the treadmill to complete the final segment of the challenge. Walk or Run your way to victory when you both complete either 1, 3 or 5 miles!

This challenge is perfect for beginners and sports-fanatics alike. Plus it's a great way to switch up your routine by exploring different areas of the gym!

*Honesty is the best policy - no cheating. Members who complete the challenge with a friend and who hand in their completed challenge card to reception by 1st December 2023 will be contacted directly to collect their challenge t-shirts.

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