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It Doesn't Have To Be A Personal Best: Celebrating The Little Wins

It Doesn't Have To Be A Personal Best: Celebrating The Little Wins

Goal setting, when it comes to your fitness, is a great way to track your progression. However, if you struggle to maintain motivation to reach your goals, this can leave you feeling a little despondent. To combat this, we like to focus on the little victories just as much as the big milestones. Discover how celebrating the little wins can positively impact your ability to achieve your long-term goals:

Celebrate Your Dedication
Every time you step into the gym, you show a commitment to your body, mind, and health. You are stronger than you realise. Each time you get up at 5 am to get on the treadmill or you get home a bit later because you made time to fit in a gym session after work, you win the battle against procrastination. That is worthy of being celebrated. It does not mean that there won't be times in life when you can't make it to the gym as much as you'd like to. But what is important, is that you know your commitment will get you back on track no matter what.

Give Your Body Respect
It is very easy to focus on what you can't do instead of recognising and acknowledging the things you can. Celebrate the fact that your body has allowed you to do something great. Taking photos of yourself during your fitness journey and keeping a digital journal serves as a reminder of your progress. Some of the changes you see might not all be physical - a shift in your mood, posture, and confidence are all milestones to celebrate!

Avoid Comparison
Everybody has a unique journey when it comes to their health and fitness. But, listening to your own body will help you to understand how it responds to movement. The more you can understand your own body, the better chance you have of working WITH it, instead of AGAINST it. Trying to achieve someone else's goals or keeping up with their personal pace, is likely to leave you feeling defeated. At the end of the day, you are good enough, and you have everything you need to achieve your goals!

Redefine The Way You See Setbacks
The reality is that setting the goal is just the first step and sometimes it doesn't go to plan. There are often speedbumps along the way (that's just life!). Unfortunately, obsessing about all the things you haven't achieved or are not able to do yet, can put a toll on your motivation. However, if you shift the way you see these setbacks and look at them as opportunities for improvement, you're more likely to stay motivated and continue to do your best.

If you need help with tracking your progress and reaching your goals, our personal trainers are the perfect choice. While goals are great and very necessary on your fitness journey, the promise to take care of your health, feed your body and train it well, is what matters most.

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