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The Big Debate: Cardio or Strength Training?

The Big Debate: Cardio or Strength Training?

The age-old debate between cardio and strength training has been ongoing for years. Some people live by adrenaline-inducing cardio workouts while others swear by the sculpting power of strength training. But which one is better for you? That all depends on your personal fitness goals and interests! Here are a few benefits of both cardio and strength workouts:

Torch Calories with Cardio
Get your heart pumping and those calories sizzling away with activities such as running, cycling, swimming and dancing. These kinds of activities elevate your heart rate which optimises your cardiovascular system. By doing this, not only can it aid in a weight loss journey but it can help to improve your stamina and endurance too!

Sculpt and Tone with Strength Training
Strength workouts include resistance-based exercises such as push & pull exercises, bodyweight exercises, and resistance bands. Strength training helps with building muscle mass, sculpting and toning your body, as well as, improving your metabolism which helps to burn calories.

Enhance Bone Health
Both cardio and strength training aid in improving bone health. Cardio workouts that include impact such as jumping or running, improve bone density making them stronger. Similarly, the stress strength training places on your bones stimulates bone formation and strengthens their structure. Including strength and cardio training in your routine helps to maintain healthy bones as you get older.

Prevent Plateaus and Beat Boredom
The secret to staying motivated in your journey is to keep things fresh! Plateaus happen when your body adapts to the same exercises, slowing down your progress (and motivation!). Alternate between strength and cardio workouts to prevent the feeling of monotony.

The debate between cardio and strength should not be a matter of choosing either. Both of them bring unique benefits to your routine. The magic of a successful fitness routine lies in BALANCE so try adding more cardio and strength to your routine and get ready to reap the benefits!

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