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Health Benefits of Swimming - Why You Should Be In The Pool More Often

Health Benefits of Swimming - Why You Should Be In The Pool More Often

As we get older, it becomes more and more important to keep our bodies moving on a daily. While everyone knows that cardio is essential to keeping your heart healthy, running on the treadmill is not always the most fun especially heading into the warmer Summer months. Why not try diving into the water to get in some movement while still burning calories? Swimming has great benefits for your physical health and on top of that, it's always nice to hop in the water for a cool down.

Benefits of Swimming

Full Body Activity
Swimming requires you to use every part of your body and helps with increasing your heart rate without stressing your joints and muscles, it tones your muscles, builds strength due to the resistance of the water, and it builds stamina and endurance too.

Taking Care Of You From The Inside-Out
There's no doubt taking a few laps in the pool has great physical benefits but swimming can also take care of you from the inside-out as well. Studies show that the impact of improved blood flow to the heart from swimming can help to control blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

Great For Those With Injuries
Swimming is the perfect option for someone recovering from an injury who still wants some movement since it is such a low-impact form of exercise. For people suffering from conditions such as arthritis, swimming can help ease some of the pain you may be experiencing.

Safe For Pregnant People
During all 3 trimesters, people who are pregnant may use swimming as a form of gentle exercise. Swimming has no adverse effects on pregnancy or the baby's brain development and the feeling of weightlessness in the water should feel comforting and relaxing.

There are many various benefits to swimming and it is one of the safest forms of exercise you can choose for your body. Try a few laps in the pools at one of our gym & swim clubs* or try one of our water aerobics classes and be sure to hop in the sauna or steam room right after to relax those muscles after your workout.

*Swimming pools, saunas, and steam rooms are available at select sites only.

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