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So You Want To Start Lifting: Weight Training Tips For Beginners

So You Want To Start Lifting: Weight Training Tips For Beginners

Whether you've been at the gym for a while, or you've only just started out, the weights section can sometimes feel like an intimidating place to jump in to if you don't know what you're doing. But fear not! We have a few tips you can use to start out:

Your Shoes Are Important
Ensuring you wear the right footwear when incorporating weights into your routine is especially important when doing things like squats or working your legs. Flat-sole shoes are most recommended for the amount of stability that they provide. If you need a good pair of trainers without breaking the bank, download our mobile app from Google Play or the App Store, and check out the awesome deals on our Rewards Hub from brands like Footasylum, Puma & more to get the best pair for your workout and budget!

It's Not All About The Weights
Weights, barbells and plates are all extremely useful and we're not surprised you're excited to use them. But to get the best out of your workout, we recommend adding these to your session:

Foam Roller - using a foam roller before your workout helps you get into the deeper tissues of your muscles and assists in lowering your risk of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
Resistance Bands - Beginner weight training does not mean just going straight to the heaviest weight in the gym. Ease into it by using a resistance band to warm up before using weights. You can also use a resistance band in place of weights in certain circumstances if perhaps your favourite machine is occupied.
Barbell Pad - When using the barbell, it is important for you to use a barbell pad especially for workouts such as hip trusts to prevent injury and bruising to your hips.

Static Machines - Your New BFF
Static machines are the best (and safest!) for beginner weight lifting because all the moving parts are fixed in place by the machine. Although this might look scary, there is less risk of injury with static weight-lifting machines as there is less riding on you to keep the weights balanced. This is the perfect place to start your beginner weight-lifting routine.

Have a Plan
Creating a plan will help you tremendously in mapping out what you will be doing in your workout especially when starting something you are not too familiar with like weight training. You could research and put together a plan for yourself. We do however recommend booking a session or two with a personal trainer. Their expertise and guidance will help you formulate an achievable plan that aligns with your goals and newfound interest in weight training.

Don't forget - all members get a FREE Personal Training Taster session when they join. To claim your free taster, speak to a member of staff at reception.

With the proper plan and guidance, ANYBODY can get great results in areas such as strength or joint flexibility with weight training. Are you ready to get started?

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