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Just Do You - For you!

Just Do You - For you!

We understand that each person's road to fitness is distinct and that everyone has different preferences and goals. In order to make your time at the gym more enjoyable and satisfying, we provide a wide variety of intriguing activities to choose from. Whether you dance, lift, spin, or swim - there's something for everyone!

At Fitness4Less we're more than just a place to access gym equipment. We're passionate about providing resources for all areas of life including nutrition, mental well-being, leisure activities, and more. We foster a welcoming and supportive community of like-minded people with facilities that give you the confidence to do what you love, do what works, and JUST DO YOU.

What you can expect:

Free Classes & Workshops
Attending some of our unique classes and workshops, such as Glutecamp at Worcester or Boogie Bounce in Colchester, to mention a few, is a great way to add something fun to your routine. Book a spot in one of our numerous classes and give something new a try!

Relaxation Areas
Why not change up your regimen and incorporate some pool time? Swimming is a great activity all year round, but particularly once the warmer weather arrives! Swim a few laps, attend an aqua aerobics class, or just unwind in the water to let your muscles recover after a workout. Take it to the next level with a sauna session for an invigorating and restorative post-workout experience.
*Swimming pools and saunas are available at select clubs only.

Ladies-Only Gym
Our Ladies-Only mini gyms are separate break-away areas designed to provide women with a private space to workout away from the main gym floor. Whether it's your first time at a gym, you tend to feel 'gymtimidation', or you would simply prefer to workout just around women for personal belief reasons, ladies-only areas are a great way to build up your confidence and boost your self-esteem in the gym!
*Ladies-only areas are available at select clubs only.

Treatment Rooms
Schedule a hair appointment, a massage, or a visit a beauty therapist before or after your workout.
*Treatment rooms are available at select sites only.

Member Rewards Hub
When you purchase through our mobile App's member Rewards Hub, you get the best exclusive deals and discounts from your favourite brands like Apple, Hello Fresh, Hamleys, and more! Who doesn't appreciate a good deal?

Let's Get Social
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see a variety of videos from our Brand Ambassadors as well as snapshots of what is going on inside the gym on a daily basis including -

Gym talks - Where we ask our colleagues and members questions about their session and what works for them.
Fitness Challenges - Keep an eye out for fitness challenges you can take part in - if you dare!
Fitness Tips - Our Brand Ambassadors share fitness tips and tricks to help you achieve specific goals. Hate burpees? We've got all the alternatives for common 'nightmare workout' exercises - coming to our socials very soon.

With all of the fun and exciting things we have in store, we can't wait to see you in the gym!

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