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Making All Members Feel Included at Fitness4Less

Making All Members Feel Included at Fitness4Less

In the spirit of Women's History Month, we're celebrating everything that makes our gyms and facilities an INCLUSIVE place to workout - regardless of gender, age, race or background. Every day we aim to encourage more people to enjoy their life through fitness by creating safe facilities and spaces that everybody can feel comfortable in.

Going The Extra Mile To Help ALL Members Feel Included
We don't only provide all the equipment you need to have a fulfilling workout - we're also passionate about creating spaces that promote socialisation, improve self-esteem, and make everyone feel like they belong.

How Do We Ensure Everyone Feels Comfortable & Confident At The Gym?

Ladies Only Areas

At select clubs, we have specific mini-gyms that enable women to work out in confidence and have the privacy they need to focus on their workout. These mini-gyms are run by experienced, friendly, female staff members who are always willing to lend a helping hand. The mini-gyms are the perfect spaces to build up your confidence before taking your workouts to the main gym floor.

Workshops & Classes
Often, our clubs host ladies-focused workshops that feature things like Powerlifting and Post & Pre Natal Yoga. As well as, group fitness classes that are designed to accommodate different fitness levels, genders, interests, and ages.

Diverse Staff
Fitness4Less has a range of friendly instructors and PT's with diverse specialisms. Whether you want help setting up equipment, need a motivational chat, or wish to get expert advice to reach a fitness goal, our incredible team of staff is always there to help.

Gym Intro & PT Taster Session
Our Gym Intro Sessions walk new joiners through a 30-minute demonstration of recommended cardio & resistance machines. Participants get a programme providing the perfect ‘first workout’ to kick off their membership. We also offer a FREE Personal Trainer taster session to all our members. This session is a great way to share your goals in a 1:1 with one of our highly experienced trainers. They will then guide you through exercise recommendations and help you find your way forward.

These are a few ways Fitness4Less aims to make more people feel at home in the gym. Click the link below to explore more about your local club:


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