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Gym Taster Package - 48hr Exclusive '5-Day Multi Pass' Giveaway

Gym Taster Package - 48hr Exclusive '5-Day Multi Pass' Giveaway

Our 48hr exclusive membership giveaway is back and this time we've made it a little bit different. We are giving you the chance to share a FREE 5-Day Multi Pass with a loved one - a Gym Taster Package valued up to £50! Our 5-Day Multi Pass includes 5 one-day passes to use within 60 days. Extra time = extra fitness.

The 48hr giveaway starts at 11am on Sunday 19th February. Ends 11am on Tuesday 21st February.

How to redeem a FREE 5-Day Multi Pass?
You can access your Free Multi Pass via our website or the mobile App:

Non-members - Discount code will be revealed on Facebook & Instagram at 11am on Sunday 19th February
Members - Share a 5-Day Multi Pass with a loved one via our Mobile App. Starts 11am on 19th Feb. Ends 11am on 21st Feb.
*1 free pass to share per active member.

What Multi Pass Holders Can Expect At The Gym -
-Multiple group fitness classes to choose from
-Free weights sections with a wide range of equipment
-Large mixed gym areas with treadmills, bikes and rowers
-Ladies-only gym areas to build your confidence and maintain privacy (at select sites only)
-Spacious studios
-Dedicated Spin studios
-Swimming pool, sauna and relaxation areas (at select sites only)
and much more!

This is the perfect opportunity to encourage a friend to try out the gym, get familiar with a gym setting, and craft their own experience before joining.

Try A Gym Guru Session
At select sites, 5-Day Multi Pass holders will have the option of opting into a Gym Guru workshop. Workshop timeslots can be found on the class timetable via our mobile app or in the Members Area. In our Gym Guru sessions, Multi Pass holders get the opportunity to discuss their fitness goals with an expert with advice to help them get started. These include tips on the best Group Fitness Classes to try and recommendations for a suitable Personal Trainer tailored to their goals.

Share in your fitness experience and encourage your friends & family to discover the gym and all we have to offer. Our experienced team is ready to help!

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