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Primal Movements: The 7 Exercises Every Beginner Should Know

Primal Movements: The 7 Exercises Every Beginner Should Know

Pushing open a door, climbing up a flight of stairs, and bending to pick something up are all examples of things we do in our everyday lives that require movement. These are called Primal Movements. These patterns of movements we start learning the minute we are born and rely on these movements throughout our lives. The 7 Primal Movements every human uses, are as follows: Squats, Lunges, Pushes, Pulls, Twists, Bends & Locomotion

Avoiding Injury
Now that we know primal movement patterns are the root of everything we do, we should mention that incorrect movement patterns cause injury to the body. If you watch a baby, you will see they use natural, primal movements when they play. As we age, we tend to change our natural primal movement patterns in the way we go about our everyday tasks and that ends up hindering our natural primal movement patterns. This can cause damage to the body that we easily attribute to growing older - sore back, is that you? What we don't realise is that it's our movement patterns that need training and that can be the answer to alleviating the discomfort and pain you may be feeling in your body.

Primal Movement Training Benefits

Strength Improvement
Primal movements include using your body in a functional way which in turn improves overall body strength.

Increased Flexibility & Mobility
Training your natural primal movement patterns helps to improve your range of motion which increases overall flexibility.

Enhanced Coordination
Because primal movements use many muscle groups at one time, regular training helps enhance your overall coordination.

If you are new to training, try adding 3-5 different primal patterns into your workout or if you are an avid gym goer, try variations and modifications of primal movement patterns that work for you!

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