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How To Stay Mindful During The Holidays

How To Stay Mindful During The Holidays

The holidays can throw you out of the course and easily disrupt the regular healthy habits that you worked so hard to build throughout the year. It is still very important to practice self-care in the holidays so you can ease into your new year routine mindfully. Here are our tips on how to stay mindful during the holidays.

Take A Walk
Over the festive season, especially in Winter, there is a tendency to coop yourself up indoors and before you know it you're in a cabin fever-induced slump with brain fog clouding your senses. When you feel like this, try getting out of the house and go for a mindful walk in nature, take in the fresh air, outdoor scenery and clear your mind with some movement.

Do A Morning Stretch
A great idea as a way to practice mindfulness over the holidays is to include a stretch into your morning routine. This is a brilliant way to get in tune with your mind and body to check in with any aches and pains and to set good intentions for the day ahead.

Practice Mindful Eating
Over the holidays, it's difficult to resist all the yummy dishes and snacks that tend to get eaten during this time. Eating slowly and mindfully can help develop healthy eating habits and allow you to appreciate what you are putting into your body. Listen to your body when it is full and eat when you are hungry to keep in tune with your routine.

Music Mindfulness
Put on some music when you work out or when you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen and notice how it changes your mood. Music can lift our spirits and allows us to take a moment out of the day to have some fun - especially if it leads to a dance party!

These are just a few ways to practice mindfulness during the holidays to keep your mind clear, routine undisturbed, and body stronger than ever.

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