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Winter Workout Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Routine

Winter Workout Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Routine

You did it! You made it till the end of the year and stuck to your routine. With that being said, there is no denying that the cold weather is apon us and we have some awesome tips to make sure you get the best oout of your winter workout in order to end 2022 off stronger than ever.

Guilty of skipping your warm up? Yeah, we know who you are! We've been there too, but when the weather is cold, our bodies are stiffer and our muscles get tight. Warming up before your workout plays an important role in injury prevention. Stretching or a brisk walk are ways to get your muscles warmed up to prevent getting injured. Try adding them to your winter workout.

Protective Gear For Your Head and Hands
You lose a lot of heat in your head when it's cold so adding a hat that keeps your head and ears warm is a great addition to your workout gear. A pair of gloves to keep your hands warm is also important especially if you are going out to run to prevent your fingers from turning into icicles.

Keep Drinking Water
Working out in the winter causes just as much water loss as working out in the summer but because the weather is cool, you probably don't feel as drawn to your water bottle as you would in the warmer seasons. Making sure to stay hydrated in winter is crucial to preventing dehydration-related injuries.

Workout With A Friend
Everything is better with a friend, right? When you feel like snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate, when you haven't worked out yet, try joining a class or hitting the gym with a loved one. Together, you can hold each other accountable, motivate one another and have so much fun, you won't even notice the cold.

Lets make this last stretch count and move our way into 2023 with a healthy mind and body. Don't let a little chill deter you from reaching your goals. You've come too far to stop now!

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