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 'Boost Your Mood' eBook, Live Q&A, and Autumn Group Programme with Michele Scarr

'Boost Your Mood' eBook, Live Q&A, and Autumn Group Programme with Michele Scarr

Nutritionist, Michele Scarr (DIP Nut CNHC mBANT) is back to help you tackle the post-summer slump (you know the one!). The link between physical health and what you eat is well understood, but did you know that what you eat has a huge impact on your mood and how you feel? Check out how we along with Michele are going to unpack this link and what you can do to manage how you feel.

'Boost Your Mood' Ebook
Modern science has extensively studied the impact of food on mood, and we now understand why food has such a positive (or negative) effect and also which foods we should be eating more (or less) of to support mental health. This guide is designed to help you take the first steps in supporting your mood through diet and manageable lifestyle changes. Take a look at some of the insightful sections included in the eBook…

1. Low Mood Questionnaire
This questionnaire will allow you to check where your mood lies on a scale from happy, content or sad. By doing this you can estimate which foods you should eat more of to help you with a particular feeling.

2. Essential Fats - The Key To Your Mood And Brain Function
Michelle explores essential fats like omega 3 and the impact it has on our brain function and the importance of including it into our diet.

3. Create A Sleep Action Plan
Rest is important for your brain and your mood so having a sleep action plan is important. Michelle gives her advice about how you can create a sleep action plan and how it can improve the way you feel.

You can grab your own copy of Michele’s complete eBook ‘Boost Your Mood’ for FREE here:


Live Q&A
On Friday 28th October at 12pm, we are going live with Michele on Instagram where our Cambridge Heath manager, Tom will be hosting a Q&A to give you the opportunity to ask her your health questions on topics such as building habits, nutrition, physical fitness, weight training, wellness and overall healthy living. Keep an eye on our Instagram stories where you can submit your questions.

Autumn Health Revival - Invest in Your Health

Lose weight and body fat in a healthy way without counting calories! This 20-day group programme is designed by Nutritionists so it's low carb (not NO carb), blood sugar and energy balancing, easy to prepare, healthy, and gluten-free. See and taste the difference!

20-Day Autumn Health Revival Programme
Reset your metabolism and establish good habits ready for tackling the Christmas season.

What you get in the Autumn Health Revival Plan:
  • Body Stats taken beginning and end
  • Facebook Group for support, motivation, inspiration and Q&A
  • Support from Michele, Nutritionist and Natural Chef 7 days/week, when needed
  • Start Date: Thursday 10th November – Wednesday 30th November

The Food Plan is focused on achieving the following results:
  • Re-establish healthy habits
  • Reset your metabolism for fat burning
  • Support fat loss and improve body composition (and metabolic age)
  • Restore energy levels
  • Boost your immune system

Early bird price of £79 which will go up to £99. Click the link below to book your spot in Michele's Autumn Health Programme now:


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