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National Fitness Day Extended Offer!

National Fitness Day Extended Offer!

National Fitness Day took place on Wednesday 21st September and aims to highlight the importance of physical activity across the UK. By raising awareness about the necessity of exercise, we also encourage people to live healthier lifestyles.

Exercise has the powerful ability to unite people and leave a long-lasting, positive impact on our social, mental and physical well-being. That's why you might have seen various kinds of classes and activities being shared on our social media pages on the day. We also want to highlight that fitness is not reserved for a specific group of people but can be incorporated into the lives of individuals of various ages, abilities and backgrounds too!

Special Offers Now Extended
While National Fitness day may be the most active day of the year, we thought why stop there? Let's keep the momentum going and extend the benefits of this joyous day!

Existing members can still bring a loved one to the gym until 30th September. If you are yet to share your FREE Guest Day Pass with a friend, simply open the gym App and click the 'National Fitness Day' promotion to send your unique discount code to a friend. 1 Free Guest Day Pass is available per member.

On top of that great offer, friends and family can still join the gym and save 100% OFF joining fees on our Flexible Monthly membership. The offer is extended until Sunday 25th September. Discount is automatically applied at the online checkout.

What are you waiting for? Download our app to share a FREE Guest Day Pass and get your loved one access to a supportive, fun-filled, safe space where they can take time out for themselves, meet new people, and make their health their number one priority!

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