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Gym Etiquette Guidelines To Ensure The Best Experience For You & Others!

Gym Etiquette Guidelines To Ensure The Best Experience For You & Others!

Stepping into the gym for the first time can be a harrowing experience for any newbie. So many questions and uncertainties are surely running through your head, but following these simple guidelines can make the visit pleasant for you and others in the space.

Put Equipment Back Where It Belongs
This may be the golden rule in the gym. Leaving a trail of equipment behind makes it difficult for others to find them and means staff members have to constantly be picking up after you. Even the strongest person can get burnt out by packing away heavy weights multiple times a day.

Do Not Hog The Equipment
While we aim to have a vast variety of fitness equipment for everyone, hogging the equipment causes issues amongst gym-goers. This is especially true when the gym is full. Make sure that when you are choosing your equipment, to be respectful of others who might be wanting to use the equipment as well. After all, sharing is caring!

Wipe Equipment Down After Use
There is nothing like getting to a machine, and the seat is covered in someone else's sweat! Gross! To keep the gym pleasant for everyone, and to prevent germs from spreading, wipe down all pieces of gym equipment after you are finished using them.

Respect Others' Personal Space
Sometimes, the gym can get a bit crowded, especially during peak times. This just means having a heightened level of awareness of yourself and those around you. Make sure you are not working out too close or invading anybody's space. You can also check out the real-time usage feature on our App so you can make an informed decision about when to visit your club.

Be on time for class
Being that one person that disrupts the calming Yoga class by being late can be stressful for you but also quite upsetting to the instructor and other class members. Make sure to arrive early so you can get a good spot and avoid being THAT person.

These are just a few simple gym etiquette guidelines to follow in order to have the best time at your chosen club. Respect for staff, other members and yourself goes a long way at making your own experience great!

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