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4 Tips For Staying Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

4 Tips For Staying Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

We all know that having a regular fitness routine that we actively participate in is great for our bodies and our minds. However, there is sometimes that little voice inside that tells you to skip a workout or to just stay at home - you can always workout tomorrow, right?

That feeling makes it hard for you to follow through and stick to your routine which is why we have compiled a list of tips to keep you motivated to stay on track!

Set Goals
Whether it be pushing for 2 reps more than your last session, or running longer and faster on the treadmill, setting attainable goals for yourself is a great way to keep you going. The best way to keep on track with your goals is to write them down on paper, on your phone, or to log them via a fitness watch.

Make It Fun
While a strict routine is a great way to hold yourself accountable, it does not have to be boring! Try walking after work, going for an active outing with your family, or perhaps try an online class. We have loads of fun, online classes for you to try on our Virtual Studio.

Make Fitness a Part Of Your Day
Fitness does not have to start and end in the gym, there are many simple ways to incorporate fitness into our daily routine. Why not take the stairs instead of the lift? If you have a dog, use their walks as an opportunity to raise your heart rate. If you're at home, you could do a few squats or lunges around your house while watching your favourite tv-shows. There are so many ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life!

Join Forces With Others
The one thing you should know is that you are not in this alone! Working out with a friend means you can motivate and hold each other accountable to help you continue on your fitness journey. After all, a little friendly encouragement goes a long way.

There are many tricks and tips we all use to keep motivated and seeing the results of discipline and hard work is an accomplishment that anybody should be proud of. Head to our Instagram and Facebook pages and let us know in the comments what you do to keep motivated.

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