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4 Pool Exercises For A Full-Body Water Workout

4 Pool Exercises For A Full-Body Water Workout

One thing we love about water is its buoyancy. When your body is in water, a portion of your weight is supported. This means that exercises you might find challenging on land, are achievable in the water - almost like a superpower! Water Exercises are perfect for those working on their flexibility, recovering from an injury, or for the elderly. Water workouts can help with agility, balance, cardio, endurance, and strength.

We have put together 4 exercises that can be done in the pool at one of our Gym & Swim Clubs.

Top tip: These exercises work best if the water is at chest-shoulder height.

Tricep Dips
How to: While sitting on the edge of the pool, with your feet in the water and your hands on your sides gripping the ledge. Move your body forward and lower yourself into the water while bending your arms back to form 90-degree angles. The water will help hold some of your lower body weight. Push up with your hands to re-extend your arms so your bottom hovers inside the edge of the pool. You have just completed 1 tricep dip.

Jumping Jacks
How to: This exercise is an excellent cardio workout! Start with enough space around you with your feet hip-width apart and your arms lowered at your sides. Raise your arms out to the sides and over your head while at the same time jumping your feet out a bit wider than your shoulders. Without taking breaks, quickly reverse the movement and bring your arms back down to your sides and your feet back to hip-width.

Squat Jump
How to: This move is great in the water because it has less of an impact on your joints than it does when doing it on land. Start in a low squat under the water (keeping your head above water!), with your arms extended straight forward at the same height as your shoulders. Next, push up off the pool floor with your feet in an explosive jump out of the water. Then, come back down into your starting position and start again.

Knee Lifts
How to: This is a great exercise to test your balance and work on your core. Standing with your feet just slightly wider than your hip-width, bend your arms and place them behind your head. While here, bend your left knee and lift it towards your left elbow. Bring your leg back down and do the same thing on the right-hand side.

There are multiple reasons why choosing the pool to work out in is a great alternative to the gym floor - especially in the Summer heat! Maybe you just want to switch up your normal routine for the warmer months, or you're protecting an injury and your joints. Whatever the case may be, you can try these simple but effective exercises when you visit the pool at our Gym & Swim clubs.

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