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Tips For Busy Parents During The Holidays

Tips For Busy Parents During The Holidays

It's the Summer holidays and around this time of the year, between dinner preparations, family commitments, and endless amounts of laundry (we've all been there!), fitness can easily slip under the radar. Not to worry, we've got a few fun things you can do to ensure your mind and body don't get neglected in between all of the madness!

Switch Up Family Activities
The holidays are perfect for quality time with your family, so why not sneak in some fitness while you share precious moments. Fitness-filled activities such as swimming or biking are fantastic things to do together while getting fit at the same time.

Put Some Fun Into Household Tasks
You might be thinking, in what world is doing the dishes fun? But when you turn mopping floors and making up beds into fun games that get the whole family involved, you'll definitely work up a sweat and get in lots of laughs as well. Try things like 'who can pack away the most items of clothing the fastest' to get everyone involved to beat the clock and clean the house too!

Look For Gaps
Finding time between all of the chaos of summer activities can be difficult. But when you do find a gap, try fitting in some fitness. Top tip: take to the floor during TV adverts and stretch it out for 3 minutes. You can even get your children involved with the fun to make ad breaks more active. Don't forget you can also access free live and interactive classes with our amazing instructors in our Virtual Studio - accessible via our mobile App. So you have access to great fitness resources even when you can't make it to the gym.

Include your kids
Children learn from their parents so while you are working out, why not include them and teach them about how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doing push-ups or downward dogs together gets you both moving and gives you some quality time together too.

We know that the holidays can be crazy but remembering to try and take every opportunity to keep moving will help to make sure your fitness doesn't fall by the wayside.

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