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5 Ways To Ease Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

5 Ways To Ease Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

's no denying that working out can be an exciting, beneficial but sometimes an uncomfortable experience. When you work out, you are pushing your body and muscles to their limit. Muscles grow and become stronger when they use force that can cause microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. When these tiny tears heal, they build new, stronger muscle cells which can be a bit uncomfortable. The sensation actually has a scientific name: delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS.

Here are a few things you can do to ease muscle soreness after your session in the gym:

Eat Properly
Your body needs proteins, carbs, and fats to repair muscles, fuel your workout, and lubricate your joints. It is important that you eat before AND after your workout so that your body has enough fuel to keep you going.

Water helps to flush damaged muscles so that they can start repairing themselves. Keep drinking water in between your workout to prevent more intense pain and to ensure your muscles heal quicker.

Warm-Up & Cool Down
Stretching and doing light aerobic activity helps blood rush to the muscles so they are primed for any vigorous or intense movement. Warming up before a workout also helps prevent injury. After your main workout, it is a good idea to reverse the order of your warm-up as a cool down. This will prevent pooling of fluid in the muscles which may result in prolonged healing.

Get A Massage
Massaging sore muscles relaxes the muscles themselves and also sends blood to the affected area. This also pushes pooled fluid out of the muscles, making for a quicker recovery.

Try The Steam Room
The steam room/sauna acts as a nice warm blanket for your muscles after your workout. The heat in the steam room helps relax muscles so along with stretching, it can help to get you working out again in no time. Try the steam room in our Gym & Swim clubs when you next visit us!

Don't let muscle soreness keep you away from your fitness routine. Try these tips and we bet you’ll be ready for another session in no time.

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