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The Goldilocks Rule: How To Stay Motivated

The Goldilocks Rule: How To Stay Motivated

Ever been excited to do something, give your all for the 1st few weeks, and then the excitement starts fading, the willpower starts waning, and eventually, you don't complete your goal? Total bummer! You’ll be surprised to know that the lack of willpower is not what is actually holding you back. Struggling to maintain momentum comes down to ignoring one simple rule: The Goldilocks Rule.

Goldilocks Rule
In the classic story, Goldilocks tries all the different seats and bowls of porridges until she found the right fit for her. The same rule applies in fitness, life, and any other tasks you may want to take on.

The Goldilocks rule states that we reach the peak of our motivation when we work on tasks that give us the perfect level of challenge, complication, and resistance.

What does this mean for fitness, you ask? Well, imagine getting to the gym for the first time and you try a 5-day bodybuilder workout program? You will be excited about it in the hopes of getting abs and a chiseled physique. You try it for the first day or two but by day three, your body might start giving you signs that this is way too difficult for you to handle.

At this point, most people are so demotivated that they don't even try to pick fitness up again but what they don't know, is that they just haven't found the right program FOR THEM.

Give These A Go

For Heart Health: Try using the treadmill, stair master or skiErg in your next workout.

For a Sense of Community: Try giving one of our in club and virtual classes a go, you are bound to meet like minded people with similar goals.

For Strength: Use Free Weights, The Smith Machine and Barbel workouts to build strength.

For Functional Fitness: You can use the Gym Sled, The Plyometric Box and The Squat Rack to increase your functionality and endurance.

For Relaxation: Try the Sauna to detox and relax sore muscles *Available at our Gym & Swim Clubs

If you are looking to find your perfect fitness fit, come and speak to any of our staff members or try some of our in-club or virtual classes. Remember, it may not mean you are bad at something, it may just mean that what you are doing is not the right fit for you. Keep trying and keep applying this rule to anything you do!

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